My Story…


Hi, I’m Jane, and it’s so good to meet you!

I’m a branding photographer based in Sevenoaks, Kent, who loves to create beautiful and authentic images for female business owners that really capture you, tell your story, and convert your potential customers into fans and buyers.


Other things I love…

I love taking photos.  I gave up working for the Queen to take photos! And now I love meeting and photographing amazing entrepreneurs like you, who need some just as amazing images to bring your brand to life, tell your story, connect with your audience, and grow your business.   

Your business is all about you; you are at the heart of it – and so you know you need to show yourself to your audience, don’t you?!  Professional branding photos that really capture you, your personality, showing who you are and what you do, are a huge and essential asset for your business.  They’ll help you build your brand, reach your ideal clients and grow your business.  All while looking beautiful, setting the tone and feel of your brand, and making you stand out from the crowd. 

Branding photograph by Jane Mucklow of Lisa Johnson from Lisa Johnson Coaching. with added testimonial

Photo of Lisa Johnson speaking at an event @LisaJohnsonCoaching

However I know how hard it is to get in front of a camera!  Confession time: I am really shy, and hate posing for photos too!  I know how it feels, and I have worked to get over it with my own regular branding shoots.  And now I am passionate about helping you to get some fabulous photos too.  We’re not all natural models – most women don’t like photos of themselves after all – but I have found that my experience, expertise, gentleness and smiles, ensure that we will still get some amazing photos of you that you love too.

Branding photo of Mel (and Betsy!) @Socially Sound


I love getting to know you and your brand.  If all this branding thing is new to you, I’d love to help you delve into it and work out your ideal client, your visual identity, your brand stories, and all the other bits that go into building a successful brand. 

I especially love my new recurring branding photography service because it really allows us time to get to know each other.  That helps you to be more confident in front of the camera, and for us to be much more specific and intentional with taking photos to go with your strategy for the following months.

Branding photograph by Jane Mucklow of Fiona from Fional Sullivan Personal Training. With added testimonial.

Branding photo of Fiona, @FionaSullivanPersonalTraining

I love colour. My photography style is full of contrast and saturated colour (although when I photograph for a brand my style and editing will be totally bespoke to what you need, to match your brand and visual identity). 


I love my winter colours especially – since having my skin tone analysed by a personal stylist, to find that I am a Winter, the confidence boost of knowing I can now wear colours that truly suit me has been amazing.  So much so, that I now work with that very stylist to include your own colour analysis session as part of my headshot and branding photography packages. 

You too can discover what to wear to look younger, healthier, the very best version of you, and you’ll feel much happier and confident in front of the camera!  Plus what you learn will change your life, you can look and feel fantastic all the time 🙂 


Photos of my family by Jane Mucklow

My family, by me – on holiday in Cornwall, and scrubbing up well!



I also love chocolate (though eating lots at once makes me ill!), tea and cake with friends (ok, maybe a drink or two with them as well), dinner out with my husband, family holidays to the beach with our three children, reading historical crime fiction, and going for a wander in the countryside with my camera (you can see my local landscape photos on my other website, available as prints, cards and calendars, at Jane Mucklow Photography).

Photograph by Jane Mucklow of a snowy style at sunrise
Snowy style at sunrise, by me – just round the corner from where I live in Otford, Sevenoaks.

I love that I can help you to become more visible.  To be confident sharing your beautiful new branding photos.  To learn more about building your brand.  And to have fun learning how to take your own social media photos with my new smartphone photography course.


–  Are you happy with your current headshot? 

–  Do you have an up-to-date range of branding photos ready to use on your website, social media and marketing? 

–  Do you know how to take your own gorgeous and on-brand photos on your phone for your social media? 

– Are you confident your brand genuinely suits you, your business and your ideal clients?


So there are a couple of main ways that I can help you. 

1. With fabulous photographs that capture you, tell your story, engage with your audience, build your brand, and grow your business:

Button or page title for Branding Photos info by Jane Mucklow / Picture Your Brand

And 2. Learn from me with courses, workshops and workbooks about creating and building your brand, and getting and taking better brand photos:


Read more on the Services page and do get in touch for a chat about what you need – Contact Me  I’d love to help get you a little or a lot more visible!


It was Windsor Castle I was working at for the Queen by the way, in the Royal Collection Picture Library.  I left for a decade of photographing for other museums and historic properties, before setting up my own photography business in early 2014.  Shortly afterwards I branched out into headshots, website photos for business owners, business event photography, and have done more and more branding photography ever since. 


Branding photograph of Jane Mucklow by Sohal Light Photography

My branding photography covers my local area in and around Sevenoaks in west Kent, and further afield across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.  My photography course is online, so you can learn wherever you are, and there’s more branding and photography info via my blogs, my emails, and in my free photography group on facebook, Your Brand Story.  I’d love you to keep in touch with my emails, and on social media (see links at the top of the page).


I look forward to working with you,

Jane x


PS  I’m really proud to have been nominated and to win several awards for my business during this time (all judged by a panel of independent judges, not based on how many people I can get to vote).  And to have had photographs I’ve taken published in Forbes, the Times, and Tatler, as well as more local publications.  But it’s always a buzz to see my images used on my clients’ websites, marketing and social media!   

Branding email list banner image for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand 7 Tips to plan your brand shoot


 With thanks to Sohal Light Photography for the photos of me on this page and elsewhere on my website.






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