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Professionally capturing you and your amazing new look!


5 example photos of butterfly body painting, face only, by Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand


Booked Liz for body painting?  After her hours of work on you, you really need to capture it all on camera so you have a beautiful record of how stunning you look – before it’s all gone! 


I’ll come over to Liz’s house once you have been painted, and when you’re all complete, we’ll do a half hour photo shoot.  At least unlike my usual photo shoots you won’t have the problem of choosing what to wear – just deciding on your design with Liz! 

It’s £200 for the shoot, and you’ll get to choose ten photos from a gallery included in that too – we’ll probably get 30-50 photos from that half hour for you to choose from.  Extras are just £10 each, or I can do bulk deals such as 15 extra for another £100, making it £300 for 25 photos.  

I have a black and a white backdrop to use as you can see in the examples on this page, or we can use Liz’s walls (and garden if the weather is conducive!) as well or instead. 


Note that the examples on this page are from a maternity shoot with the butterfly design, and a football themed shoot, where I have permission to share the photos for this example purpose.  Please be reassured that I will not be using your photos anywhere you haven’t agreed that I can, and only those that you are happy for me to use.


5 example photos of football theme body painting, face only, by Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand



Further Info

You’ll receive a link to an online gallery around a week after the shoot, to choose your final images from.

The photos will be supplied as high-res digital files, edited and ready for you to print what you like from.  I can also supply smaller sized files of any of them should you wish to share any online too.  

Pay on the day by cash or credit/debit card, or by bank transfer before I supply the photos. 

Copyright remains with me as the photographer, but you have permission to print and share the images.



3 example photos of butterfly theme maternity body painting, by Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand



If you’ve got any props to use in your photos, please do bring those with you.  And have a think if there are any specific poses you would like us to try out / definitely include.  We can do some with you partly covered up for sharing with others, and some just of your head and shoulders and other details, but also some showing the full effect of the design if you’re willing!


I look forward to seeing your body paint design!

Do ask me if you have any questions – email me at and I will get back to you.  Or we can have a chat on the phone or zoom if you prefer, if you’d like to speak before I see you all amazingly painted 😉 

Oh and if you’ve come across this page without having booked Liz yet, do do it, her work is incredible!



3 example photos of football theme body painting, face only, by Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand








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