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YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR STORY: Fabulous branding photos for female entrepreneurs, capturing you and your business so you stand out from the crowd and find more customers.



Thinking about getting some branding photos done? 

Do ask me if you have any questions – email me at and I will get back to you.  Or we can just have a chat on the phone or zoom if you prefer, and see if we think we will work well together, and decide which package is for you etc.

Read the rest of the FAQs below, and scroll down for the T&Cs.



How does it all work? 

1. Email me if you have any questions, would like a chat first, or to check a date is available, at 

2.Pay the deposit for branding photos via the Academy

3. You’ll get access to all the planning help in the Academy, and can start thinking about the location and what to wear etc.

4. We’ll chat on zoom to start planning the session once you’re booked in, and then again a few days before to check everything 

5. We have fun on the photography session 

6. Around a week later your photos will be ready to see in an online gallery 🙂 

7. Once you’ve chosen the images you want and paid the balance, I’ll send you them safely via WeTransfer  

8. You love sharing them and use them everywhere!



I’m not sure what exactly you mean by branding photos…  

Have a look at my blog:  What are branding photos, and do I really need some?



What kind of businesses do you photograph? 

I have done branding photography for a whole range of businesses so far, from personal trainers and swimming teachers to dress designers, garden designers and website designers, to business coaches, finance coaches and life coaches. 

They are usually mums in business, they are busy trying to do everything as well as run their business, and they’re usually not that keen on the idea of being photographed – that’s pretty normal!  They often seem to be pet owners, which is great because I love to include the dog or the cat in some of the photos too!  They also usually love the outdoors, which is also great because I do too, and am happy to photograph you outside too, in your garden or other favourite location.

I often do branding photos when someone is having a new website made for them, but they can be done at any point in your business journey, whenever you are ready to get some done or update the ones you had some time ago. 

But each business is different, each business owner is different, each photography session is different.   So your photography session will also be bespoke to you and your business: depending on what you do/sell, depending on the kind of images you need/want, depending on your brand and what suits you.




Do you photograph headshots? 

Yes!  All branding photography packages include a range of headshots too, that I will take during our time together.  Or you can book just a headshot session at my next Headshot Day in Sevenoaks.  See more on those here: Headshot Day



Do you photograph products too? 

Yes!  If you make/design/create/sell products, I’m very happy to include them in your branding photography session.  I love to photograph the ‘business branding’ shots as well as the posed ‘personal branding’ images, so photos of you at work, doing what you do, making what you make etc.  So I’m also happy to photograph any products and behind the scenes images as part of your session too, on their own, or with you.  



Do you have a studio, or where do you do branding photos?   

I don’t have a photography studio.  But anyway with branding photos I like to come to a location that we agree on during our initial chat, that suits you and your brand.  That will often be your home, as that is where you usually work from, but it can include a local coffee shop (with permission from them), or a local park, or somewhere that means something to you.  Or it could be where you work if you have an office somewhere else or use another location for lessons or whatever you do for your business.  There are some tips to help you decide on the location in the Academy once you book.



Can you photograph me at an event, working with a client(s), giving a talk or running a workshop etc? 

Yes!  If you’re out doing something that you would like photographed for your business, then I’d love to come and photograph you there too.  You’d just need to book the mini branding session, and I’ll meet you there for an hour or so, capturing lots of images of you doing what you’re doing!  (NB If others will be recognisable in the photos, then we’d need their permission first too).  



How do we make sure my photos align with my brand?   

We’ll have a good chat about your business and what you know, think and feel about your brand, when we first start planning your photography session.  I can help if you’re not totally sure what it is all about too – I have resources available that you can access for free in the Academy once you have paid the deposit to book your shoot, including my Create Your Brand Checklist, and my How To Find Your Brand Vibe Workbook. 

If you need more than those, if you are starting your brand from scratch or refreshing what you already have, then there are other resources available too, such as the full Create Your Brand Workbook, or you could consider joining my group programme for three months of support starting every September to take you through the whole brand creation process.  See more here: The Picture Your Brand Group Programme

Or you could join my membership, The Brand Plan, for loads of brand trainings, resources, support and strategy, either in addition to a one off branding photo shoot, or get membership included as part of my VIP package, Seasonal Stories.


I have no idea what to wear!   

Don’t panic!  I have some tips for you over in the Academy, that again you’ll get access to once you’ve paid the deposit.  And we’ll discuss it when we chat to make sure you’ve got it sorted.



I’m still really nervous about having my photograph taken… 

I know how you feel, and me just saying try not to worry about it doesn’t help much does it!  But yes, I have made myself practice the other side of the camera too, and I have lots of experience from doing this for years, with helping nervous sitters to relax, feel more comfortable, and even enjoy themselves.  Once you book and pay the deposit, I also give you free access to my PDF e-book full of tips to help you feel more confident in front of the camera.  And on the day I will always be kind and gentle, and show you how to pose to look your best, so don’t stress about that bit either. 



I need lots of new photos!

I have just the thing for you!  Your need my VIP package, Seasonal Stories.  You’ll get a full branding photography session to begin with, plus three more mini sessions to be taken throughout the following year, to keep you up to date with loads of images to use.  (PLUS you get a year’s membership to The Brand Plan included, for lots of brand trainings, resources, support and strategy). 



How do I book?   

Sign up via the Picture Your Brand Academy and pay the deposit, to give you access to all the planning info in there for you.  And if we haven’t had a first planning chat yet or to book in a date, I’ll be in touch to arrange that.  You can email me at with any further questions and to check dates etc. 

Contact me if you would like to join the Seasonal Stories package as spaces are limited.



Capture Your Brand Options:

1. Single Session – £847.  (Around 2 1/2 – 3 hours of photography, including headshots worth £199, a mix of outfits and backdrops, and 75 photos for print and online use).  Perfect to start you off and keep you going! This also includes access to a range of resources to help you know your brand, including my Brand Clarity Masterclass, and my e-book on Camera Confidence.  Plus of course brainstorming and planning advice for the photography session.

2. Mini Single Session – £497.  (Around 1 hour’s photography session, including headshots, and 25 photos for print and online use).  Perfect for a taster session to start you off, if you need photos of you at a specific event, when you’re updating your website or other marketing, or to top up and update a previous shoot we’ve done.   This also includes access to a range of resources to help you know your brand, including my Brand Clarity Masterclass, and my e-book on Camera Confidence.  Plus of course brainstorming and planning advice for the photography session.

3. Headshots Only – £149/£199.  (Half an hour timed session at one of my Headshot Days in the meeting room at Help Suites Co-Working in Sevenoaks – £149, or booked separately – £199, 5 photos for print and online use).  See more here. 

4. Seasonal Stories – £1997, or a deposit of £250 + 12 x £159  My annual photography package, with photography AND brand strategy too. 

Photography: A full Single Session to start with, a headshot session, and two Mini Single Sessions throughout the year to top up your image bank with more up to date photos, more variety, at different locations and giving you different looks too.  Plus we can get to know each other so much better, giving you more relaxed photography sessions, more confident photos, and photos that match what you really need to use in your forthcoming marketing and social media campaigns.  

Brand: Membership of The Brand Plan is included for the whole year!  Loads of trainings and resources to create and build your amazing personal brand, plus support and strategy too.

You’ll get all the planning advice that comes with a one off Branding Photography session, with extra help to plan your content and marketing and get the right images to go with it all.  Limited spaces available, contact me to check when we can start.


Click here to see more examples and lovely words from my clients over on my Testimonials page



More Info, T&Cs: 

All photography sessions include a consultation beforehand to get to know you and your brand, discuss the images you need, and prepare for the photo shoot.

A non-refundable deposit of £250 will be taken to book a branding session and cover planning.  This can be moved to another date if notice is given.  The balance is due before the photographs will be supplied.   The deposit for a headshot session is £50.00.

Branding photo shoots will take place at a location that suits you and your brand.  (Travel expenses beyond west Kent may be an additional cost and will be discussed beforehand). 

Headshot photo shoots will take place at Help Suites in Sevenoaks, unless agreed otherwise.

I will shoot mainly in landscape format for website and social media use, with plenty of space to add text if you need, with some in portrait for Pinterest use if required. Plus I can crop to squares or panoramic if required, or anything specific for your website.

You’ll receive a link to an online gallery around a week after the shoot, to choose your final images from.

Once chosen, images will be provided as high and low res, ready for printing and for using online.

Copyright of photos remains with me as the photographer, but your fee includes a commercial licence for you to use the photos for your business, print, reproduce, and publish them. 

I do not need to be credited every time you use one in your social media, though occasionally that would be lovely! If several are used on your website, a credit would be appreciated. If you supply them for publishing somewhere, then please let me know where they are used, and ask for a credit to Jane Mucklow Photography or my website/relevant social media account.

Photos are supplied unwatermarked and fully edited, ready for you to use, but I also give you permission to edit them further should you wish, to add text etc.

If you wish to to choose more images than your included number, they are £10 for each pair of high and low-res versions or £50 for 6.




So are you ready for me to tell your story with a set of gorgeous professional new photos, get you visible, and grow your business?

Don’t put it off any longer!

Email me at to book in a time for a chat to check that we’d work well together, and see which package is right for you.

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