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It’s time to stand out.  To stop hiding and start shining.  To build a beautiful, distinctive, cohesive brand that is personal and gives you the confidence to get visible.  To attract more customers with a brand that is meaningful, memorable, and magnetic.  To get strategic and use your brand to uplevel and grow your business. 

It’s time to tell your story, be yourself, and connect with, captivate, and convert your ideal clients.



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It’s all in the Academy!  I teach you how to picture your whole brand, and create, build and grow your brand yourself.  I help you with the big picture, the detail, AND the strategy to make it all work.




Whether you’re an ambitious new business owner who is starting their brand from scratch, or you’ve been in business a while but looking to get more organised, professional, refresh your brand or fill in the gaps, I’ve got you.  Pick the time and investment level that works for you:



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I’ve been working as a photographer for nearly twenty years now, over seven of those with my own business, and what a huge learning curve starting that was!  Fortunately I love learning and I’m always doing courses and training to keep adding to my knowledge for my own brand and business, and to pass it on to you too. 



I’ve brought everything together into my five step Picture Your Whole Brand system:

Create (the basics, based on you), Style (the visual branding), Capture (the branding and brand photos), Connect (with stories), and Grow your brand (with strategy).



It’s designed to give you total brand clarity and put every element into place to create super strong brand foundations.  And then use them to become an irresistible, impactful, and income-generating business.  And that’s what we all want isn’t it?!

Find out more about my Picture Your Whole Brand System here. 



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The whole idea is to stand out from other businesses, so that your ideal clients/customers can find you.  The people who want to work with you and who will become your raving fans.   But they need to know you exist!  A strong brand, that is distinctive and full of your personality, as well as looking good, will do that for you.  Giving you the confidence and strategy to get visible too. 



I know you may be a bit camera-shy, quiet, or a total introvert (just like me!).  But you can stand out and shine whilst still being yourself.  I know it’s scary to get out there and get visible, but if you find the ways that work for you, and use your ambition and drive, you CAN build an amazing brand and be a successful entrepreneur. 

Read more of my story from hiding to shining over on the About Me page



Find out more about my courses, workbooks, 1:1s, group programme, and the membership on the Learn From Me page, or browse the Picture Your Brand Academy.





Want to start with the free stuff?


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Sign up to The Brand Builders Hub to get access to my free resource library, full of tips, lessons and worksheets on every stage of my Picture Your Whole Brand System.





So how’s your brand looking?  Discover your perfect brand style with my free quiz, and see if it matches what you have already / find ways to get your brand looking more like you, more meaningful and memorable (and get yourself onto my email list for more tips to create, build and grow your brilliant stand out brand): 








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Find out more about me over on the About page of course, and scroll back up to see how you can work with me or learn from me.

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