5 Tips to Help you Build a Personal Brand


Have you built a personal brand yet?  Have a read of my 5 tips to see what you need to do…

(Part 2 of two blogs about your personal brand, read part 1 here: What is a Personal Brand).



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1. Be You

This is first most important tip.  Your personal brand, by it’s very name, means you.  And the more real you are, the more authentic you are, the more you share your personality and your stories, the more your ideal clients will relate to you, like and trust you and want to buy from you. 

And if you’re sharing the real you, not a made-up version of you, it will make it much easier to stay consistent and to build real relationships with your ideal clients.  And that will make it easier to sell to them and build your business – as well as building your personal brand.



2. Be Unique

You are you, and that will make you different to your competition.  But you need to work out how to use that to stand out from the crowd and to be different.  You have different skills and experiences and personality to everyone else, so use those things to show that you are unique.  Put your own spin on whatever it is that you make, sell, help others with, and use that to show that you are unique. 

When you stand out as different, you’ll be far more recognisable and memorable – you’ll be building a personal brand.   



3. Be the Expert

Show that you’re the expert.  That you’re the best at what you do / make / create / sell / help with.  And make sure that that is what you are known for doing in your business.  So that people associate you with that particular product/service, that you’re the go-to person when they need it, and they’ll refer people to you for it. 

You can demonstrate your expertise through reviews and testimonials, with PR, and by referring to it yourself in your content and when you introduce yourself.  You’re aiming for your name to become known, and known as the expert at what you do.  Building your reputation as an expert will be building your personal brand.



4. Know your Brand Messages

You need to be clear on the brand messages for your business and for yourself, for your own personal brand.  You need to know yourself, and the answers to the above three points: why you are unique, what is it about you that will make your ideal clients want to work with you, what you are the expert at.  You need to know what you do that’s different, your values, who your ideal clients are, why they should choose you over someone else.  Plus anything else that you what you want to talk to your audience about, like things you stand for, and your mission for your business.

Sharing all these will help you to build your personal brand.



5. Get Visible

And then you need to get all of that out there.  You need to get visible!

Get relevant and valuable content everywhere you can, that covers the previous steps, showing the real you, showing how you are unique, showing you’re the expert, sharing your messages.

And show your face!  Don’t hide behind a logo, or a single headshot.  You need to be sharing photos of you everywhere you can too.  So that your image becomes recognisable as part of your brand and content.   Especially as we’re talking about building a personal brand, not just a faceless, corporate, company brand.  Obviously sharing a range of photos is preferable, not just one or two, to keep it interesting and catch people’s attention as something new.  And photos that show the real you, that show you at work, doing whatever you do, or photos of you behind the scenes, or what you do when you’re not working, as well as those of you posing for the camera, will all be really useful to share to help build your personal brand.

There’s other ways to get more visible too, such as lives and videos as well as your social media posts, writing blogs and emails, public speaking, running workshops and trainings on and off-line, PR and other marketing, podcasts and you-tube, writing a book, and probably lots more!  Decide what you are going to concentrate on, work out a strategy, plan it out, and follow it up.


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So there we have my five tips to help you build your personal brand. 

Remember you are your super-power, you are the one running your business, you’re the expert at what you do, you’re unique – so building your personal brand around that, will really supercharge your business.  Build connections with your clients/customers by sharing you and your personality, and you will create a loyal band of followers.  Be you, and be passionate about what you do, and your ideal clients will love you and want to work with you.  All this will help grow your business – and build your personal brand.

Good luck and have fun building yours!


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Jane x 


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How to Build a Personal Brand

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