Tips for Choosing your Word of the Year 


Do you choose a word of the year?  Why not think about picking one for this year, to help guide you throughout 2020?  Here’s how I chose mine, and some tips to help you decide on yours.



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Choosing a Word of the Year.  This isn’t about giving you more things to think about and increasing the overwhelm, it’s more about having something to encourage you.  It’s your intention for the year, your theme for the year.  It’s something to guide you through life and your business.  To inspire you to keep going, help you make decisions, remind you what you wanted for yourself, to focus on making positive change and moving towards what you want.  It’s a word that embodies how you want to feel/think/be/do.



Choosing my Word of the Year

I did this properly for the first time last year, having seen it everywhere the year before, wondered what it was all about, and tried it for the last few months of that year!  And both times it really helped me, so I hope it does you too. 

So back in the Autumn of 2018 I made a conscious decision to be Brave.  It became my word for those few months, and helped me try being a bit more confident, and do things I wouldn’t otherwise have tried doing.  For 2019 I chose Growth.  I wanted to remind myself that I wanted to grow my confidence some more, along with grow my visibility, and grow my business. 

And it worked!  I did remember to bear that in mind whenever I was feeling worried or unsure of trying something new, of going live, of putting myself out there some more, of making a decision.  And I did indeed grow those three things.  I started my facebook group, ran challenges and did lives in it every week, and wrote, sold, and launched my first course.  Amongst lots of other things.  Remembering all the time that I was determined to grow.  So I have decided to choose another this year.

Initially I would have liked to use the same word again, as I know I want to keep on growing my confidence, visibility and business.  But everyone else seems to choose a new one, so I thought maybe I’d better move on too.  Momentum was suggested in one group when I posted that I wanted to keep up the growth from last year.  But that didn’t really grab me. 

So I did a bit of thinking about what else I wanted to do this year, and I have settled on the word Focus.  I want to make sure that I focus on growing my business; on sales, knowing my numbers, and growing my income; on being more organised; on being more intentional and focussed when using social media.    Which is why I have already spent a lot of time so far this month, getting my year all planned out, and organising my accounts.

And now I’m aiming for it to help make the rest of the year a fabulous one!

Plus I like the photography pun, and I will also focus on taking better and better photos 🙂 



Choosing your Word of the Year

Create a long-list of words that you might use.  Brainstorm some words that you could use, that mean something to you.  Don’t think too hard, just make a list.

To help you come up with some words, try the following:


1. What do you need in your life right now?

2. Reflect on last year.  How did it go?  What do you want more of in your life?  Or less?  How did you feel about what went well, and what didn’t?

3. Think about this year.  What do you want to do differently, what do you want to change?  How do you want to feel instead, or feel more of?  Or be instead/more of?  What will help you reach the goals you want to aim for this year?

4. Think about your goals for this year if you’ve set some already.  Are there any common themes?

5. Try thinking about your ideal day.  How would you be feeling, acting, doing?

6. Have a look at some ideas for words in my list below, or google some more.  Pick out some that you like the look of, that could help you.


When you’ve got your long-list, narrow it down to a shorter one if needed, and then find The One! 

Does one in particular stand out for you?  Which one jumps out at you, or catches your eye when you look at them? 

Which one just resonates the most with you?  Which do you just feel more drawn to? 


And there we go, there’s your word of the year! 

Think on it for a few days if you need to, just to be sure.  In my limited experience, when you find your word, you’ll know it when you find it.  It will feel right for you. 

You need to be committed to your word though, or it won’t help you!  Write it down everywhere if you need to be reminded.  In your planner, diary, calendar, stick it to your computer or office wall, and make sure you remember to come back to it all the time.

Some people choose more than one by the way, so if that would help you more, by all means go for it!  It’s got to work for you.




Example Words of the Year

See if any of these mean enough to you to go on your long-list.  Or even stand out enough to be It…


Authenticity, Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Capable, Positivity

Confidence, Brave, Courage, Fearless, Unafraid, Strength

Inspire, Empower, Educate, Teach, Connection, Friendship, Communication, Learn, Encourage, Lead

Peace, Calm, Tranquil, Grace, Simplify, Slow

Discover, Explore, Adventure, Journey, Travel, Possibility, Open

Consistency, Persistence, Determination, Commitment, Organised, Focus, Clarity 

Believe, Hope, Faith, Dream, Imagine, Harmony, Spirit, Energy, Enough

Thrive, Growth, Rise, Abundance, Prosperous, Success, Progress, Flourish, Shine

Joy, Wonder, Passion, Happiness, Light

Grounded, Centred, Mindful, Flow, Balance, Breathe, Nourish, Rest, Stillness, Relax

Transformation, Build, Align, Start, Finish, Intentional, Progress, Try, Create, Expand

Appreciate, Celebrate, Gratitude 

Delight, Uplift, Cherish, Kindness



I hope you found that has helped you set a positive intention for the year.  Let me know which word you choose, and come back at the end of the year to tell me if it worked!  Was it better than making New Year’s resolutions?!



If you’d like some more help with planning out your year for your business, take a look at my new set of workbooks.  These combine everything I have learnt about organising my year, to help you get yours all sorted too.  It’s a bundle of 6 workbooks, sharing lots of tips and info: how to review your year before planning the next one, your vision for your life and business so you know what you are aiming for, how to work out your goals, the strategy you need to work out to get you to those goals, and how to actually map out your year, 90 days, months, weeks and even days. Plus templates and space for you to fill in all your notes, so that all your planning is kept together.  From Floundering to Focused: The Big Business Strategy & Planning Workbook Bundle.  So that you are really set up for success – and your word will help keep you on track!


Jane x 



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Choosing your Word of the Year

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