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Twenty Essential Steps to Creating Your Beautiful Stand Out Brand








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You know you need a whole brand don’t you? 

And I don’t mean just your logo, and maybe a matching website design, or even a set of branding photos! 

I mean the whole brand, that puts you at the centre of your business, and engages your ideal client so they really want to buy from you.  From your brand values to your brand personality, to your mission, your why, your ideal client, through to all your brand messaging and more.  A whole brand identity.  Want to know more?  Read my blog: What is your brand and why do you need one?


You need to create a brand that makes you RECOGNISABLE and MEMORABLE. 

You need to create a brand that is about YOU, AND appeals to your IDEAL CLIENT.

You need to create a brand with PERSONALITY.



But how do you do all that? 

…With my twenty essential steps to creating your brilliant and stand out brand.  



“The workbook is very detailed and takes you through a step by step process for creating a brand which can then be used in all aspects of social media for your business” – Sarah Howard, Therapeutic Aromas.



My Create Your Brand Workbook walks you through my twenty essential steps to help you create yourself a strong, beautiful, stand out brand. There’s fifty pages of info, tips, questions and space for you to fill in your answers and make notes in there, so all your info is kept together in the one document.  


Click here to buy the workbook now!

Click here to buy the workbook AND a Brand Brainstorm


The workbook is just £49.99 by itself, and actually will be worth a lot more than that to you.  Because working out your brand, and thoroughly getting to know it so you can use it everywhere, and consistently, is vital to getting visible and growing your business.



“Your Brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business”

Steve Forbes, Editor-in-Chief of Forbes Magazine


So start now: buy my workbook, and invest some time in working through it, making notes, and gathering all your brand information together into one document.  You’ll soon be creating a brilliant stand out brand ready to get your business out there to your ideal clients.  Who will be much more eager to buy from you!


(And then when you’re ready to get your branding photos done, you’ll be in a much better place to work out what they should look like, the locations to use, and the stories to tell.  Resulting in on-brand photos that will be so much more effective).



But will it just sit there in your emails if you buy the workbook?  Or will you actually sit down and fill it in? 

If the former, then don’t worry, I can help with that too! 

Choose my new option to buy the workbook with a two hour Brand Brainstorm session, and I’ll help you to actually fill it in! 


My Brand Brainstorm gives us up to 2 hours together (on zoom, or in real life) in a 1:1 situation so we can totally concentrate on your business.  We will brainstorm together, and I’ll help you get clear on all the different aspects of your brand, and walk you through filling the workbook in so that you have all the info together in the one document.  And we’ll work any next steps you need to take to keep growing a really strong stand out brand too.


Click here to buy the workbook AND a Brand Brainstorm


Or click here to buy just the workbook


“Although the workbook on its own is excellent the 1:1 session is even better. As we worked through the book Jane helped me with ideas of things I could include that might entice my ideal customer, often things I hadn’t thought of. If you, like me, struggle with social media and branding I would definitely recommend this, it really made me think about where and what my strengths are and also which aspect of my business makes my heart sing . Thank you Jane, it wouldn’t have been the same completing this on my own!” – Sarah Howard, Therapeutic Aromas




Who is it for?

This workbook is for any business owner, whether you sell products or services or a mixture.  It will help you at the start of your business journey to get all the basics in place before you go any further. 

And it will help you if you are further down the track, if you haven’t yet thought through all the different aspects of your brand.  Or if you want to audit where you are now, to see what is missing or to get ready for a brand re-fresh or even re-brand.


How will it help me?

When you’ve worked through this workbook, either with me or on your own, you’ll know so much more about your brand and your business. 

You’ll have clarity on all the different aspects of your brand. 

You’ll be able to see what is missing and what you need to do next. 

You’ll learn about you, and how you fit into your brand too, to really make it a personal brand. 

You’ll see how all the different bits of your business fit together and are part of your brand too, from your packaging to your website design to how you show up on social media, and much more. 

You’ll know where you want to take your business in the future, and build a brand to encompass that too.

You’ll be clear on your brand messaging and what you want people to know you for.

You’ll also have a lot more ideas on content to engage your audience with, what to write blogs about, and what to talk about in your social media posts.

You’ll be well on the way to creating a brilliant, stand out brand.  Won’t that be amazing?


Click here to buy the workbook AND a Brand Brainstorm 1:1 Session


Or click here to buy just the workbook

So who’s teaching you all this?!

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Hello!  I’m Jane, a branding photographer based in Kent, UK.  I have been taking photos since I was at least seven, when my favourite birthday present was my first camera!  My first proper job was in a picture library, selling photographs – but I realised that I wanted to be the one taking them, so I found some evening classes and got learning properly.  Then followed a decade of photographing for other companies, before children, and redundancy, led me to starting my own photography business in 2014. 

I love meeting and photographing other amazing business owners, and creating you beautiful story-telling imagery that will build your stand out brand and grow your business. 

I’ve spent years creating and growing my brand, and learning about branding.  It started with me wanting to know how branding photos fitted in with the rest of a brand, so I could make sure that that the photos I took for businesses worked more effectively for them.  And I discovered that I love helping you to create and get to know the rest of your brand too.

Read more on the About Me page.  


Any other questions?  Let me know!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, read this blog post first, on what is a brand, and why you need one!

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Find out more about me over on the About page of course, and see how you can work with me via the Services page

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