5 Reasons why you need to be doing Facebook Lives 


I know that they are scary!  Especially if you haven’t done any, or many, before.  But there are lots of reasons why you should do Facebook lives, and why they are good for your business.  Here are my top five…

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Facebook Lives will grow your Visibility

Facebook loves lives.  More than posts with photos, more than posts with uploaded videos.  The algorithms will prioritise lives over all other kinds of posts, pushing them out to more people whilst you are actually live, and to more newsfeeds when you’ve finished the live too.  Likes and comments on the live, and on the post afterwards will all help FB to show it to more people too.  Plus they’ll stay on your page/profile/group too, so that people can catch up on them later on.

So doing Facebook lives is a really helpful way to increase your visibility with your audience, and to find new people to draw them into your audience too.  And you can  use them to drive viewers to visit the rest of your facebook page and other content, or direct them to forthcoming real life or online events.  Have a call to action at the end of each live so your audience knows where else to find you, and ask them to tap the follow button during each live so they are notified when you go live in future.



Increased Engagement

Your audience loves lives too.  They are much more likely to engage with you on a Facebook live than with another post.  They’ll stop scrolling and watch what you have to say – and they are much more likely to make a comment too, thus helping Facebook show it to more people as mentioned just above.

You can have real-time conversations with your viewers during your actual live – encourage your audience to comment or to ask you questions, and you can answer them there and then.  



Build Connections

You can connect with your audience and share your personality so much more easily and directly through a Facebook live.  You can build a rapport with your audience, and get to know them, as well as they you.  Be authentic, honest and real, so that they really can get to know, like and trust you, and then they’ll want to buy from you too. 

You can show your audience how fun/inspiring/useful/exciting/etc. it will be for them to work with you, and to buy from you.

You can connect in real time too – welcome the people watching by name, ask them to comment, and interact with them – it will turn them into fans who will remember you, and who will be more likely to buy from you.



Build your Brand

Lives are a great way to help you grow your personal brand.  As a small business owner, you need to show your audience who you are and what you look like – and you can do both in a live, so much more easily than just through sharing a photo and some text. 

You can share your brand through your lives too, your personality, demonstrating your values, what you stand for, your expertise, and any other aspects of your brand.  You can talk about different products and services that you sell/provide.  Share consistent messaging so that your lives all help to build your brand and make you and your business recognisable and memorable.


Facebook Lives are Easy, Time-Saving & Cost Effective

Facebook lives are much quicker and easier to do than a video, as you don’t have to worry about re-recording and editing bits of video.  One of their appeals to your audience is that they aren’t edited, they show the real you.  Take your viewer behind the scenes, have fun, and don’t worry about any unplanned errors!

You also don’t need vast amounts of expensive equipment, you can do them just with your phone or computer, and you won’t need to pay some one else to edit them or help you do them.


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Why you should do Facebook lives

So you can see that Facebook lives should be an essential part of your business strategy, helping you to connect and engage with your audience and helping them on their journey to buying from you or working with you.  They’re an easy and effective way to get your message out there and build your brand.



But are you scared of doing Facebook Lives?  Too worried about the tech going wrong or not knowing what to do?  Hiding from your audience? 

I know how that feels!  I used to be terrified!  But I’ve learnt lots of tips to help you look and feel better, and I share all these in my new course, along with step by step instructions to walk you through all the tech and the right buttons to press.  I can take you from feeling Nervous, to absolutely and confidently Nailing It, at Facebook lives!  Read more here: From Nervous to Nailing It at Facebook Lives

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Jane x


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Why you should do Facebook Lives

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