Five reasons not to get new headshots or branding portraits

– A mini blog series of why you might not want to get new photos of you for your business, and what we can do about it!

Number 1: I hate having my photograph taken!

Do you feel a bit too shy, or that you’re too unphotogenic for new photos for your business?  Not many of us are a natural in front of the camera, or like having our photograph taken.  It can even be a huge deal for some.

Three headshot examples of Clare by Jane Mucklow

But please try not to worry.  It may even be fun!  Let me tell you how…

* Why not have a bit of pampering beforehand, and enjoy some ‘me time’ – you’ll be feeling and looking more relaxed.

* Bring a friend with you if that would help, or we can make sure our photo session is in private if that’s what you’d prefer.

* We can do the photo shoot at your house if that would make you more relaxed, or come to mine if you’d rather – or if you like to be outdoors, then that’s what we’ll do.

* We can have a cup of tea and a chat whilst I set up my equipment, and you’ll soon feel more at ease.

* I’ll take some practice shots first so you know what to expect, and I’ll show you the results on the back of the camera so you can see what works and how great you do actually look.

* I won’t hurry you through the shoot; we’ll take our time if you need to get in the swing of things, and keep going until we’re both happy with the results.

* You don’t need to know what to do – I will gently guide you into the right poses so you look amazing.

* I am relaxed, friendly, and naturally smiley – you’ll soon be relaxing too and smiling back at me!

* I will use my camera and lighting skills and experience to get lots of fabulous photos of you.

* Finally, make sure you have a read of my blog on how to prepare for a headshot photo session, as feeling super ready for your photos will up your confidence, make you more relaxed, and we’ll get better images.


So go on then, be brave, send me an email and book your headshot now (or even go for the full branding portrait photo session).  It will be fine – it may even be fun!

Contact me page link image, photo of Jane Mucklow


Read more about my Headshot photo sessions here.

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With thanks to Clare for the examples used in this blog post – find her at her Forever Living business facebook page

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Five reasons not to get new headshots/branding portraits – Number 1

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