Five reasons not to get new headshots or branding portraits

– A mini blog series of why you might not want to get new photos of you for your business, and what we can do about it!

Number 2: I want to lose weight first! 


If this is the reason for not getting new photos sorted, or any other appearance-related worryings, then fear not!   I know some tips and tricks that will help, so read on… 

Triple photo example of headshots by Jane Mucklow

* Firstly, do have a read through my blog post for reason number 1, as many of these tips to increase your confidence in front of the camera will also apply – Five reasons for not having some new headshots or branding portraits – number 1: I hate having my photo taken! 

* Wear clothes that you are comfortable in.  Don’t squeeze into anything too tight, or try to hide in anything too baggy. 

* If you can, find something to wear that you don’t just feel comfortable in, but that you feel good in, with both a style that suits you, and colour that looks great on you too.  You’ll immediately feel more confident, and that will help you relax in front of the camera so that we get better photos.  Find a stylist to help if needed, it will be so worth it (I can recommend one local to me, see my blog on my service that includes this – Capturing Confidence With Colour).

* Add some hair and make-up pampering to your pre-shoot preparation, to help you feel more confident.

* If it’s just headshots you need, are you worried about a double chin?  Whether it’s headshots, or a full branding portrait shoot, I know how to pose you to really reduce this.

* Mainly though, don’t panic!  I will use my camera, lighting skills, and experience with posing, to get lots of fabulous photos of you.  It will be really relaxed, and we’ll take our time, and keep going until we get some that you like too – which we will!

* Finally, make sure you have a read of my blog on how to prepare for a headshot photo session, as feeling super ready for your photos will up your confidence, make you more relaxed, and then we’ll get better images.  I know it’s easy to say, but try not to be too hung up about your weight, or other aspect of your appearance, you are you, and you should be proud of that.  (And other people most likely will not even notice whatever it is that you don’t like about yourself!)


So go on then, be brave, send me an email and book your headshot now (or even go for the full branding portrait photo session).  It will be fine – it may even be fun!

Contact me page link image, photo of Jane Mucklow


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Five reasons for not having some new headshots or branding portraits – number 1: I hate having my photo taken! 


(With thanks to Sarah for the examples used in this blog post; not chosen in relattion to weight issues!).

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Five reasons not to get new headshots/branding portraits – Number 2

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