9 Ways to build a personal brand for your small business

How can you build a personal brand as a small business owner?  Do you even need to?  What will it do for your business?    

Read on to find out what a personal brand is and why I think it is essential to build one.  Plus 9 ways to actually help you.

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Whether you’re at the start of your business journey, or a little further in, you can still build a personal brand! 

And it’s going to make a big difference to your business too.  



What exactly is a personal brand?

Your brand is your reputation, it’s what other people say about you when you’re not there.  It’s the identity of your business, so that your customers and clients know what you do, who for, and why they should buy from you.  (If you want more info, you can read more about what a brand actually is in my previous blog: Why do I need a brand?)

Your brand needs to be unique, so that your business stands out from all your competitors, and all the noise out there, so that it is easily recognised, and memorable too.

Building a personal brand will make that happen, because you are unique, you are different from everyone else!  So put you into your brand, you’ll be making it a personal brand, and it will be much easier to stand out from the crowd.

With a personal brand, your audience will get to know you, not just your business.  They’ll be able to get to know your name too, especially if it is different to your business’ name.  They’ll be able to get to know what you look like, and much more about you.  They’ll be able to get the whole know/like/trust factor going with you, it will be much easier to relate to you, to connect with you, to build a relationship with you.  All of which makes them more likely to buy from you.  Now that’s powerful isn’t it?



What will a personal brand do for your business?

The power of a personal brand will make your brand work so much more effectively for you. 

It will really help to make your brand unique, for your business to be, and to look different to all the others out there.  It will be so much easier to stand out from other businesses, easier to market to your audience, easier to connect with your ideal customers and clients, and much easier to sell to them. 

It will mean that your branding is more successful at conveying your brand to your audience, because it will really reflect you and be far more meaningful – and therefore attract and connect with your ideal clients/customers more easily.

It will really help you to become known as the expert at what you do, so people will want to buy from you rather than anyone else.  You and your brand will be so much more memorable too, so it will be far easier to gain referrals from your clients, customers and audience – and those are the best and easiest kind of new customers/clients!  So it will be much easier to grow your business.

Building a personal brand, with you at the heart of it, will help your business wherever it grows to, however many income streams or even different businesses you end up with.  A personal brand, under your name, will over-arch all the different strands of your business and hold it all together.

It also really helps if your business has an existing brand from an overall company, if you have a network marketing business or a franchise for example, then you need to combine sticking to their brand, but also to build your own personal brand too, so that your audience can get to know you, and pick you to work with over everyone else who does the same or similar thing.

Build an authentic personal brand, that really does reflect you, and it will be easier to build trust with your audience, and to keep everything cohesive and consistent, which again grows trust.

It will give you lots more confidence too, being the face of your business, being the expert, and building a personal brand.

Could your business do with the power of a personal brand?  Read on for how you can build one…



So how can you build a personal brand for your small business?

You, and your personality, your skills and experiences, your values, your super-powers, and more, are what makes you different.  And they’ll make your brand different too if you let them.  You are different to everyone else, so by putting aspects of you into your brand, you’ll be different from your competitors and attract your ideal customers or clients.  You need to build a personal brand so that your audience can really get to know, like and trust you, so they want to buy from you.  People buy from people, people who they know like and trust, remember?  So we need to build connections and relationships with our audience, and a cohesive, consistent, strong personal brand will help us do that.

So how can you do this? 

1.Be the name of your business, or make sure you introduce yourself as your name as well as your business name if they are different, so that people connect you personally with the business. 

2. Design your branding so that it reflects you, and has the meaning and emotion in it that you want it to.

3. Share your personality with your audience more, help your ideal customers/clients to get to know and like you. 

4. Share your photo – sometimes with selfies is good to show the real you, but you’ll also need professional branding photos.  (You’ll be able to use them all the time so they’ll be worth the investment!).  You’ll need to get comfortable with being the face of your business.

5. Go live with your audience on social media, or with videos, to really grow the know/like/trust factor, as viewers will really get to see the real you! 

6. Learn to tell stories and share info about your brand and yourself – harness the power of storytelling to connect with your audience. 

7. Share your expertise with tips and advice, giving value to build trust that you know what you’re doing / talking about. 

8. Share testimonials too as proof that others have learnt from you / been happy working with you / loved what they bought from you – build more trust in what you do.

9. Know your brand values and stick to them, reflect all this in your visual branding, and through everything you create.   

 -> Create a whole brand experience that is unique to you.  Build a strong personal brand.




Could you do with some help to build your brand and make sure it is a personal one?  

I can do your branding photos!  Find info in the Academy: Capture Your Brand.

I will have a course out later this year to help with your selfie taking and camera confidence, and I have a beginners course to help you go live on Facebook available, which I’ll be moving into the Academy shortly, let me know if you’re interested in either and I’ll give you the details when available.  

And I also have various resources and courses for every stage of my Five Step framework to create a WHOLE brand (- read more in my blog about what these cover: The Picture Your Whole Brand System.) and which cover building a personal brand too, with your brand reflecting who you are.

If you need to get your brand foundations in place, then check out my Create Your Brand workbook of my 20 essential steps to creating your brand, (available with or without a 90 minute 1:1 Brand Brainstorm upgrade to help you fill it in). 

My How to Find Your Brand Vibe workbook will help you work out how to design your branding so that it based on you and what you want your brand to look and feel like, to make sure it is meaningful as well as looking beautiful.

Need all the info?  You need my Picture Your Brand group programme!  See more info and sign up to the waiting list to hear details when I open bookings for the next one.

Have a look through the Picture Your Brand Academy  for what else is currently available, and you could always start with the free stuff in my resource library, The Brand Builders Hub, over in the Academy.  Let me know if you’d like a chat to see what the best fit is for you.



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Hope that helps you see how important building a personal brand is.  Enjoy creating and building yours, and one that is meaningful and memorable too 🙂 

Jane x


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How To Build A Personal Brand For Your Small Business

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