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Photography Course: Basic to Brilliant

A smartphone photography online course for business owners.  Take your social media photos from Basic to Brilliant, AND on-brand!

This is a six week ‘live’ online course, delivered via PDFs full of information and examples, alongside live teaching in a private facebook group plus Q&A opportunities.  The next round of Basic to Brilliant will start in April 2020.  

More info here & Early bird price offer

**NEW!** Photography Course: Ordinary to Awesome

An online beginners smartphone photography course for families to learn together.  Take your photos from ordinary, to awesome!  One price for the whole family/household to learn and practice together, and give you something fun, new and different to do away from schoolwork and the television/computer. 

This can all be done on a phone (or tablet, or any point and shoot camera), and around the house and garden.

More info & Sign up here


Workbook: Create Your Brand

Twenty essential steps to creating a strong, stand out brand (or audit your existing brand prior to a re-fresh or re-brand).  For business owners.  Fifty pages of info and questions, with space to make notes and answer, to help you work out and thoroughly get to know your brand.  Which is vital to get you more visible and more customers/clients.

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Workbook Bundle: Get Your 2020 Sorted!

Three workbooks to help you get your 2020 all sorted and ready for success.  1. Your Big Business Vision, 2. Your 2020 Business Goals, and 3. Your 2020 Business Strategy.  Plus my bonus workbook, Reviewing Your Year (before planning the next one).

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Workshop: Get Your 2020 Sorted!

Workshop on Monday 24th February, 10am-2pm, to help you get your 2020 all sorted and ready for success.  All 4 workbooks from the Get 2020 Sorted bundle are included, plus help to fill them in during the workshop, plus accountability afterwards to keep you on track.

Not currently available, but let me know if you are interested in me running another one at some point.



Photography Course: Auto to Awesome

An online photography course for business owners.  Learn to take your big fancy camera off Auto, and create Awesome photos!

Coming soon!  Join my email list via the website footer or any of the free downloads, to find out when this course launches (sometime in 2020).




Facebook Group

Learn from me for free, in my facebook group Your Brand Story.  Chat and support with a friendly group of women running their own businesses, weekly lives full of advice about your brand, brand photography and growing your business, plus monthly challenges to encourage you to take action!

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You can also learn from me for free, and keep up to date with handy blog posts, by signing up to my emails:

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