Prop Ideas for your Brand & Branding Photos 


I’ve been asked about props to photograph a lot recently, so I thought I’d collate a few ideas to help you out.  Here’s my list of 7 types of props to include, with over 100 prop suggestions…

Photo by Jane Mucklow of her camera and props for a Picture Your Brand blog about prop ideas for your brand photos.

These ideas cover props for you to hold, to be photographed with, or to go in the background of your branding photos.  And for your brand photos too, the stock kind of images like mine just above, where you photograph a few props for your blog and social media posts. 

Use the same props for both, and it will help to give you consistency across the different kinds of photos and build your brand so you are more recognisable and memorable. 

To continue the brand consistency, choose these props in your brand colours where you can, and it will really help to make your photos look more professional and build your brand.  



Prop Ideas for your brand photos & branding photos


1. Tools of your trade / craft / work.

What do you work with all the time? 



Mobile Phone


Reading glasses 


Microphone and headset

Relevant books and magazines

Paints and brushes, fabric and cotton reels, other tools, whatever you use/create with

A mannequin



2. Your Favourite Stationery

A great way to add a pop of colour.


Diaries and Planners



Paper Clips

Sticky Notes






3. Food and Drink

Share your favourite:

Mug of coffee or tea

Teapots and coffee pots

Glass of wine, cocktail, champagne

Shakes and smoothies

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Snacks/treats – fruit, biscuits, cake, chocolate, sweets

Pretty plates and coasters

Water bottle



Photo by Jane Mucklow of her camera and props for a Picture Your Brand blog about prop ideas for your brand photos, featured page image.

4. Your Accessories

What do you usually wear, or what will add a pop of brand colour or interest to your outfit or the scene?






Comfy socks or slippers

Welly boots or walking boots if you’re outdoors

Scarf and hat in the winter 

Big floppy sunhat

Favourite pair of heels


Nail polish and make-up

Cushions and blankets

Seasonal accessories – Christmas/Halloween/Easter decorations etc.


5. Your Story 

What will add a bit of you and your personality and your stories to your photos?  Do you have/use/do any of these?


Framed prints/photos

Letter boards and light boxes

Are you a reader? Books, newspapers, magazines

A writer? Journal, notebook, pen

A traveller? Souvenirs from around the world

An exerciser? Trainers, workout gear, yoga mat, water bottle

A gardener? Gardening tools, gloves, twines, flower cutting scissors  

A cook? Pestle and mortar, pretty tray, tea-towels, fancy kitchen implements, ingredients

Time for hobbies?

Puzzles, board games, cards

Knitting, crochet, embroidery



6. Your Family & Pets 

Decide if you will include your partner and your children in your photos.  If you don’t want to, you could always include props belonging to them instead, or not show their faces.  If you have a cute pet though, definitely include them in your photos!


7. Plants and Flowers

Finally, definitely include as many of these as you can!  Any greenery will add life to your photos.

Pot plants

Herb plants

Fresh flowers

Fake flowers



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Photo by Jane Mucklow of her camera and props for a Picture Your Brand blog about prop ideas for your brand photos, pinterest image.


I hope that big list of prop ideas for your brand photos was helpful!  Narrow it down to the things that really reflect you, with the more unique the better.  And think about how you want your brand to be represented too, with the colour of your props and also the look and feel you want your brand to have. 


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Jane x


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Prop Ideas for your Brand

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