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Some suggestions for the accessories that you can use for taking photos with your smartphone (including those I mention in my online photography course Basic to Brilliant).

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Click the photo links below and have a look at the info on Amazon.  Please note these are affiliate links, and I’ll get a tiny payment from Amazon if you purchase these particular items using the specific links below. 

So if you did want to buy any of these suggestions, I’d really appreciate it if you used my link, as it all adds up, thank you very much!  🙂 

(Some of these I use myself, some not yet, but I am clear which in each of the descriptions below).



1. Cleaning Cloth

A microfibre cleaning cloth to make sure your phone lens is cleared of dirt, smudges and fingerprints!  You need something that won’t scratch your phone or camera lens.  Keep one with you inside a bag to keep it clean – but it’s eco-friendly, just give it a wash when it becomes dirtier than your phone!

I use these, and they are lovely and soft.  It’s a pack of five, so I have different ones stashed in various handbags and camera bags!  This link is for a larger 8×8″ pack than mine, which is currently unavailable – I’ll put my 6×6″ pack in here when it’s back on sale.




2. Portable ring light

I have two ring lights, this portable one, and one attached to my bookshelves next to my computer! (see below).

This one looks the same as the one I have.  It clips over the top of my phone, so that the camera lens pointing at me is in the middle.  Or I can use it facing away from me to photograph someone or something else. 

Best of all, it uses 2 AAA batteries, and doesn’t need to charge or be plugged in to a computer to be used, so it’s properly portable.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to change the batteries yet either!  

3. Static ring light & phone support

Here’s the one that attaches to my shelves (and uses a USB port on my computer for power).  As you can see it also has a holder for my phone.  This is what I use when doing facebook lives with my phone in the holder when I’m sat at my desk, or just the light source when I’m on zoom/skype on the computer. 

It has 10 different light levels, which is really handy, and it can be changed at the touch of a button between warm light and cooler light too. 

The crocodile clip has a very strong grip (which is fine on my bookshelf – but it did crack my computer screen when I had it on there, so don’t do that!!).  The phone holder is nice and strong and keeps my phone safe.  Both arms are bendy but stay where I put them, so all good.  Click the link to see more info.

4. Desk top ring light & phone tripod

This option will give you a ring light on a tripod, and a separate tripod and phone holder for your mobile.  So you can use the tripod behind the ring light so that the light is around the camera lens, or you can use them next to each other or separately. 

Note that they are sized for desktop use, so although the legs may extend a little, they are not for use as floorstanding, see the option below for that.

I don’t have this one as I have the ones above, but it looks like a good option.  The ring light has 11 different light levels and three colour temperatures (warm, cool and neutral).  It does need plugging in to a USB power supply though, whether that’s your computer or a power bank if you’re not at your desk.

5. Tripod support for a phone   

This tripod looks amazing value for money, I’m tempted to get one to replace our old one!  Click the link to see all the info about it, but it will hold your phone horizontally or vertically (and supports a camera too), and it extends all the way to 46″ high.

6. Selfie Stick 

This looks really clever too!  I love all the things it does, it converts into a mini tripod too, and the shutter button can be removed from the stick and used as a remote control.  It will support a normal camera as well as a phone too by the way. 

It’s now on my wish list and I’ll let you know what it’s like when I’ve tried it out!


7. Lens kit

This isn’t my lens kit which isn’t currently available, but it looks pretty similar, and you can see that you can get quite a lot for your money compared with full size lenses for a camera! 

This set includes a mini tripod and phone holder, and a remote release for your phone, and has a 10x telephoto lens, a wideangle lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens (superwide angle that gives a funny fishbowl effect to a round photo – see the listing on Amazon for examples).  

If you want to spend more, you can get more lenses in your kit, with a more powerful telephoto lens for example.


Let me know if there’s any other item you’d like me to recommend or even test out for you!  I’ll do another of these shortly with items for filming with/doing lives with too I think, so look out for that!


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Jane x 



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Smartphone Photography Accessories
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