3 Super speedy photo tips for a speedy headshot session

Preparing for your corporate headshot photo shoot

1. Colour

That’s it!  If that’s all you have time to read, that’s my very quick advice.  Make your headshot stand out amidst a sea of corporate black, and wear something colourful!  It doesn’t need to be bright pink, but add some somewhere: a pop of colour with your tie / necklace / lipstick, or even with your shirt / top / jacket.

Don’t worry, you will still look professional, and it really will help you feel and look more confident, especially if you can choose a colour that really suits you.   See the examples below.

2. Relax 

I know you don’t necessarily like having your photograph taken, but don’t worry, it won’t take long and I will gently pose you to get a professional looking headshot that we are both happy with.  I will show you on the camera and you choose which ones you prefer, or we can take some more until we’ve got the right shot.

3. …and smile

I am naturally smiley, and do like to see that reflected in my sitters.  I think it really helps to convey your approachability and warmth, so important when selling yourself and your business through a photograph not just in person.  However, if you are naturally more serious, we’ll use that too, you do still need to look like you in the photos.  Confident and capable is what we need to show in your headshot.


PS A bonus tip

(Mainly!) for the ladies – wear a bit of makeup.  Even if you don’t usually.  It helps your features stand out, and show up in a photograph, rather than you looking washed-out.  A bit of mascara to define your eyes; please go for matte rather than shiny skin!; and find a colour lipstick that suits you.

6 colourful headshot examples for corporate headshot photo shoots

If you’d like a few more tips, or have an Individual Headshot Session booked (with more time and outfit changes), then have a look at my post on 5 Tips for Better Headshots

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