5 Reasons to Take Your Own Brand Photos


Do you take your own social media photos, or do you use stock images?  Here are my five big reasons why you should be taking your photos yourself…



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Taking your own photos for your social media posts, blogs, and other content will help to build and grow your brand.  It will be far easier for your audience to recognise your content and remember you, for the following reasons:


1. Authenticity

Taking your own photos is going to help your brand look far more authentic.  They will really show you and your business to your audience.  Because they will be your photos not stock, they will show where you really are, your home, your work, rather than anything random or unrelated to you.  Authenticity may be a big buzz word at the moment, but it is actually very important that you are really you, and share the real you with your audience.  Taking and using your own photos will really help this.



2. Consistency

Taking your own photos is going to help build your brand because all your photos will be much more consistent as they are all yours, not a mixture of photographers, along with showing the real you/behind the scenes.  It’ll be easier to get them in your brand colours and style when you’re taking them.  



3. Connect

Taking your own photos is going to help you build more real relationships with your audience as they will see the real you, and then also be more likely to buy from you.  You can make sure that your photos will appeal to your ideal clients, share your personality, and connect with your audience.


4. Trust

Taking your own photos is going to help you build trust in your brand, and show reliability, because it will look more professional.  But also becaue they will be real and authentic to you, and consistently so too.



5. Value

Taking your own photos is going to up the perceived value of your brand because they’ll be more authentic, consistent, personal and professional.  They’ll be unique to you too, your audience won’t be seeing your photos used everywhere else.


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I have five more bonus reasons for you too, I’m spoiling you!!  Five more reasons to take your own photos, that will help you out, as well helping grow your brand:


6. It’s free!

It’s free to take your own photos.  So long as you have a smartphone that takes photos that is, which let’s face it, we pretty much all do now. i-phones have very good cameras in them, but so do most other android phones too now (and that’s what I use).



7.  It’s fun!

It’s fun to take your own photos!  You can decide exactly what you want to include in them, and you can re-take if you’re not quite happy enough with it the first time.  Block off a little bit of time every week or month or two, depending how many different images you need to keep you going, gather some props, and bulk photograph lots of images in one go.



8. You’re in control

If you’re taking your photos yourself, you get to decide exactly what to photograph, how to set it up or lay it out, how to style it, how to photograph it.  You get the photos you want and need.


9. It Saves Time

It will save you lots of time searching for free or paid for stock images that show what you want them to, that suit your brand, that look how you want them to (and you might not even find any that do all three!).  



10. Copyright

You don’t need to worry about copyright, and the permission to use any stock photos that you find (especially if you’ve been using some you found from just googling – don’t!!).  You won’t need to pay for permission to use your own photos, because you automatically own the copyright of any photos you create.



Are you convinced?  Ten solid reasons to get taking your photos yourself to share on your social media posts and use in all your other content. 

So what are you waiting for?! 

Not sure just how to take good looking, professional photos, and/or how to photograph your brand? 

Then get yourself onto my next Basic to Brilliant (and On-Brand) online photography course, and I will teach you all about how to take fabulous photos, and how to get your brand into them too. 

Basic to Brilliant is my online photography course for business owners, helping you take better, beautiful and on-brand photos for your social media and other content online.  All just on your smartphone, no fancy camera needed!  All can be done at home too. 


I have been taking photos since I was a child, and in my early twenties whilst working in a picture library selling other people’s photos, I spent a year at evening classes studying for a City & Guilds, and learning properly all about photography.  I then spent nearly a decade photographing for other companies as my job, before redundancy and children led to me setting up my own photography business over six years ago. 

And so I now have all that experience of taking photos for my own marketing from the last few years too, along with building my brand and business.  And now I’ve taken all of that knowledge and experience and turned it into my Basic to Brilliant online photography course. 

It covers a whole lot of information about how to compose your photos to look better, how to use light and other photography techniques to make your photos look better, how to edit your photos to look better, all on your phone to make it easy to use them in your social media posts.

Plus a whole lot of tips on taking different kinds of behind the scenes photos for your business, from flatlays, lifestyle, products, events, selfies and portraits, landscapes and other behind the scenes images you might need to take. 

Plus there’s a whole module on your brand, and getting that into your photos too, to make sure your photos are working effectively for you as I’ve been talking about today.


Join the next round of Basic to Brilliant (and On-Brand) if it’s coming up, or sign up to the waiting list for a special offer and to hear about the next round first:


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Jane x 


PS. If you’d like to know more about your business brand, read my blog What is your brand & Why do you need one? and if you’d like help with creating your brand, don’t forget you can purchase my workbook: Create Your Brand Workbook: 20 Essential Steps to creating your beautiful stand-out brand.


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5 Reasons to Take Your Own Photos

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