The Picture Your Whole Brand System

My method for creating, building and elevating a whole brand.  One that is beautiful, distinctive, cohesive, and based on you.  Five steps to give you brand clarity and become irresistible with a meaningful and memorable brand.    

Create the right impression for your business, with a brand that truly reflects you and stands out, by looking at the WHOLE picture.  Work out the basics, Harmonise the visuals, Optimise the photos, Look for the stories, and Elevate with strategy.



I just wanted to take the opportunity to explain a bit more about my five step framework for creating and building your whole fabulous brand, the Picture Your Whole Brand System.  Because I know how it feels to prefer to hide instead of shine as the star of your brand.  But how will anyone want to buy from you or book you if they don’t know who you are?  And so they didn’t when I first started my business.  Eventually I realised that I needed to build a personal brand with me at the heart of it, and have spent years learning the best ways to do that. 

And now I’d love to teach you to do it a lot quicker and easier!  So let’s get your brand sorted out with some style and strategy to give you the confidence you need, so that you can keep building your brand and grow your business.  I’ve brought everything together that I’ve learnt over the years, and distilled it down to these five simple steps so that I can teach you to successfully brand your own business…



Step One: Create Your Brand.

The brand foundations.   Everything from your vision and mission, to your values and knowing your Ideal Client/Customer.  Get the basics worked out so you’re clear how you fit into your brand, and everything else will follow.

Step Two: Style Your Brand

The visual branding, your brand visual identity.  Your colours, fonts, logo and so on, need to reflect you and your brand style, and appeal to your Ideal Client/Customer.

Step Three: Capture Your Brand

The photos – photos of you, your products or services, behind the scenes, and brand stock shots.  Optimise them for your brand, so that they are all cohesive and aligned with your brand, whether you’ve taken them yourself, chosen them from a stock site, or someone else has taken them for you. 

Step Four: Connect Your Brand

The stories.  How you connect with your audience and draw them into your world, build the know/like/trust factor, and grow a tribe of fans.

Step Five: Grow Your Brand 

The strategy.  Now you’ve got your strong and stylish brand, you’re ready to get out there, get visible, and grow your business.  You need consistency and strategy to keep building your brand. 


All these steps together, using the WHOLE framework, will give you a meaningful and memorable brand, that gives you the confidence to grow, and irresistibly attracts your audience so you can create the income and impact you want.


Everything I teach fits in to one or more of these steps.  Start with my free resource library, The Brand Builders Hub, over in the Picture Your Brand Academy  for an introduction to each one.

Then have a scroll through the rest of the Academy to see my workbooks and courses to help with each stage – I’ve listed what is currently available just below.  Or I can help you every step of the way through the whole system, with my Picture Your Brand Group Programme.  Let me know if you’d like a chat to see what the best fit is for you.


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How I can help

Step 1: If you need to get your brand foundations in place, then check out my Create Your Brand workbook of my 20 essential steps to creating your brand, available with or without a 90 minute 1:1 Brand Brainstorm upgrade to help you fill it in. 

Step 1:  Need to Nail your Niche & Understand Your Ideal Client/Customer in much more detail?  Try this workbook!  (Coming soon!)

Step 2: Start with the free quiz to Discover Your Brand Style.

Step 3: If you’d like to learn how to improve the photos you take yourself and how to get them on-brand, then join my next Basic to Brilliant online photography course.

Step 3: And of course if you’d like some fabulous on-brand personal branding photos of you, then do let me know, or have a look at  the info here: Capture Your Brand branding photos.

Step 5: Have a look at my Big Brand & Strategy Bundle of workbooks to get your business organised and planned for where you want to go. 

Step 5: Need a bit of help to get visible with Facebook lives?  You need my From Nervous to Nailing It course! (Coming soon!) 

Need all the steps?  You need my Picture Your Brand group programme!  See more info and sign up to the waiting list to hear details when I open bookings for the next one.




Hope that helps make everything clearer!  Enjoy creating and building your meaningful and memorable brand 🙂 

Jane x


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PS. Are you in my free Facebook group Your Brand Story yet?  For tips, chat and trainings on growing your brand, visibility and business, and getting better brand images.  Click the photo above to come over and join me.




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The Picture Your Whole Brand System

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