What is your brand, and why do you need it?

Do you know what your brand actually is?  Hint: It’s not just your logo!  Read on for what it encompasses, and why having a strong brand is so essential, even for a small business like yours.


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It’s not just a logo!

Your brand is definitely not just your logo, or even just your logo and your website. 

It’s a whole lot more than that.

Your brand is what makes you and your business recognisable, and memorable.  It’s what other people think, feel and say about your business when you’re not there.  It’s what makes you stand out from other businesses.

Here’s that famous quote from Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon – “your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room”. 

So it’s your reputation.  


It’s for your customers / clients

It’s also the identity of your business.

Your brand is your promise to your customers/clients, telling them who you are, what you do, what you stand for, what they can expect from working with you / buying from you, and how you are different from your competitors.

Having a great brand will make you look professional and credible, creating that trust in you and your business, showing you as the expert.  Then your ideal customers/clients will want to buy from you.



It’s about you too

So yes it is your logo, and your website design – and also a whole lot of other visual branding elements like fonts and colours and the style of the photos you use. 

But it’s not just the visual stuff.  When creating your brand, you also need to look at your vision and purpose for your business.  And at you and your story, your values, your why.  Your brand should reflect you because that is what will make your business unique and stand out.


Think Coca-cola!

When you’ve got all of that into your brand, it will appeal to your ideal customer or client. 

And they will be able to remember what you do and what you stand for.  They’ll become repeat customers, and fans, and they’ll be able to easily refer your business to other people too.

We’re aiming for coca-cola over a generic drink – recognisable and memorable, where we pay more for the name – so building a strong brand will give you an edge over your competitors.  Adding the value of a strong brand means you can charge more too, because your customers will want what you do over someone else.



Think everywhere

Everything you do, say and write, should reflect your brand, (not just your logo and website).  Including your social media posts, your images, your marketing material, your paperwork.

Everywhere your customer or client comes across you should be consistent, and communicate your brand.



So what do you want people to think, feel and say about your business?  Have you ever thought about it?! 

What qualities do you want people to associate with your brand? Budget or high-end? Fun or professional? Modern or Retro?  You can’t be all things to everyone, you need to work out what you want your business to be known for, as well as who it is for. 

Create a memorable and recognisable brand, and grow your business.

If you’d like some help with getting to know your brand, or even creating it from the start, take a look at my 50 page Create Your Brand workbook – it walks you through my twenty essential steps to sorting out and thoroughly getting to know your brand.  So that you can really make your brand recognisable and memorable for your ideal clients, so more of them find you and want to buy from you!


Jane x 



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What is your brand & Why do you need one?

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