Why going live on social media is good for your business

I get it, it’s scary.  You don’t know how to do it, what to say, where to start.  And you’re worried about being judged.  But there are lots of reasons why going live on your social media platforms is going to really help your business, so maybe I can persuade you…


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Why go live on social media?

So why do you need to be brave and go live on your social media platforms?  Why put yourself through that when you really don’t want to?! 

I know how you feel – just over two years ago I had done hardly any lives, and I really hated the idea of doing them.  But I knew that I wanted to grow my audience and build a community in a facebook group, and I would have to go live to talk to them if I did.  And I wanted to be able to help them more, which they would only know through seeing me live too. 

So I started.  And I practiced.  And gradually I got more confident.  And after two years I am still going live with them every week, and now I’ve even started my own YouTube channel!  Talking of which, if you’d rather watch/listen to this blog post, you can find it here:


[link to follow of video from youtube when it’s ready]



Obviously going live is going to really help your visibility, but there are actually lots of reasons why they are good for your business to do.  Here are my top five:




Why going live is good for your business #1: You’ll get more visible – the algorithms love them

The Facebook algorithms prioritise lives over all other kinds of posts, including videos. So more people will be shown your post whilst you are actually live, but also more people will be shown your post after you’ve been live, where they have the option to watch it then too.

So both aspects of that help you to be more visible.

Likes and comments on the live will help FB to show it to more people too, as with other posts.

And it’s the same on other platforms too (though Instagram is loving Reels at the moment, lives are still good to do over there too).

Your lives could even reach new audiences too, and help bring new people into your world. Plus they’ll help you drive traffic to your other posts and content elsewhere.




Why going live is good for your business #2: Your audience loves them

They are much more likely to engage with you on a live than with other posts.

A live will encourage them to stop scrolling and see what you have to say – and they’re more likely to comment on a live too.

You can have real-time conversations with your audience, and really engage with them – encouraging them to stay and watch, and to come back for more.



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Why going live is good for your business #3: Connect with your audience more

You can build a connection with your audience much more easily through a live than with other types of posts. You can show your personality so much more, and quickly and easily build a rapport with your viewers.

Be authentic, honest, and you, and you can really grow the know/like/trust factor so that your viewers want to work with you/buy from you.

You can connect in real time too, talk to your live viewers by name, and interact with them. They will become fans who will remember you for taking an interest in them, and they’ll be more likely to buy from you then too.




Why going live is good for your business #4: Build your brand

Lives are a great way to help you build your personal brand. It’s easy to share your personality with your audience through a live, and you can show them how brilliant it will be for them to work with you.

You can share other aspects of your business brand through your lives too, demonstrating your values, what you stand for, your expertise, and more. You can talk about different products and services, and why you provide them too.

Share consistent messaging so that your lives all help to build your brand and make you and your business recognisable and memorable.



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Why going live is good for your business #5: It’s easy, time-saving and cost-effective

Ok, so that’s three things for the price of one!  But they go together don’t they.

Lives are quicker and easier to do than a video, as you won’t have to spend time re-recording bits and editing them, or watching yourself back!

You won’t need to spend money on fancy equipment, or someone else to edit them or otherwise help you.

One of their appeals to your audience is that they show the real you. So take your viewer behind the scenes, share you, have fun with them, and don’t worry about any mistakes.




So going live on social media really is good for your business!

And there’s my top 5 reasons to start and keep doing lives in your social media. I hope that helps you feel more determined to get the hang of them and do some!

They really will help you get a lot more visible, to reach more people, to find your ideal clients or customers, to connect with them, and to convert them into buyers.

Plus they will be really good for your confidence too, once you start and get going. So get practicing, and you’ll soon be finding it less scary.



…But if you’re feeling a bit stuck with what to do, how to do them, what to talk about, looking better and feeling more confident on camera, then why not start with Facebook lives, and take my From Nervous to Nailing It at Facebook Lives course to help…



Stop hiding, stop worrying, stop winging it!

It’s time to get yourself out there, get visible to your audience, and get them wanting to buy from you.

It’s time to feel confident instead, and actually look forward to going live.   

It’s time to know exactly what you are doing, to have a clear strategy and content plan, and make the most of the lives you do.

So let’s get you going live, and take your business to the next level.



Take my From Nervous to Nailing It at Facebook Lives course now!


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Jane x



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Why going live is good for your business

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