How to write an amazing About Me website page

How is your About Me page looking on your website?  Have you got great copy, and fabulous photos, to  attract your ideal clients and persuade them to buy / work with you?  Here’s how to make it amazing!


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The About Me page is one of the most visited pages on your website.  It is your chance to introduce yourself to your website visitors, to tell them how amazing you are (because you are, and they won’t know unless you tell them!)  So you can show off a little!  It’s also your chance to persuade them to want to work with you, or buy from you, so be interesting and friendly, showcasing your personality and your business.



What to write about

Firstly, make sure you call the page About / About Me, (or About Us if that is relevant), and link it from your main menu, so that people can find it. 

Think about your ideal client, what they would want to know from your About page.  Mostly, they will be wanting to see if they want to work with you or buy from you, so whether they like you and trust you.

Write about the benefits of working with you, what you do for your customers/clients, and why you’re different.  What problems do you solve for them, how do you make their life easier, better, healthier, more lucrative, whatever it is that you do!  Demonstrate that you understand what they are going through, and show how you can help.  Use actual figures if you can.

Write about your brand story: how and why you started your business.  Show who you are, and why you are passionate about what you do.  If you’ve been going a while, share the history of your business, what has changed and expanded etc.

Show your values and principles, show who you are, why you are passionate about what you do.  Share your enthusiasm for what you are doing and wanting to achieve.

Testimonials are great to include, and any other social proof like winning awards, and press, celebrity endorsements if you’re lucky enough!  Anything that adds credibility.

Qualifications will be more relevant for some businesses than others, but experience, length of time doing what you do will often be important.



How to write

Think about your ideal client again, and write for them.  Use the tone of voice that will appeal to them, use language they will understand – not industry jargon if they won’t get it!

Use ‘I’ or ‘we’, whichever fits, not the 3rd person – it is written by you after all, and that will feel friendlier.  And along those lines, speak to just one person: use ‘I offer you’, not ‘I offer my clients’ or ‘we offer people’.

Use a friendly tone, and be conversational, not too formal.  Friendly, warm and approachable, not stuffy and corporate – unless that’s your ideal client!  You can still be professional even if you are informal, friendly, and even humorous.

Be authentic, don’t stretch the truth!  Be honest and show who you really are. 

Avoid too much fluff, people don’t have time to read lots!

Be relatable to your audience, share some hobbies or family stories if they are relevant to your business.

Tell stories.  It makes the copy much more interesting and enjoyable to read.  It really helps your audience to connect with you, trust you and remember you – and want to work with you.

Make it interesting!  Your About Me page is not a CV.  Remember you want them to get to the end of the page wanting to book you or buy from you!

If you’re really stuck with writing it and getting it to sound right, and sell yourself, get the help of a professional copywriter.  They will have many more tips than I can give here to help you craft your story and your message.

Branding photo of Jane Mucklow by Manjit Sohal

Think about the Visuals

Spread the text out to make it easy to read, with plenty of white space, bullet points, a couple of different font sizes or colours, short paragraphs.  Add in a dual readership path for skim readers, with headings explaining the text.  Add any graphics, logo, charts, diagrams if relevant.

Make sure it looks good on mobile as well as computer.

Use photos!  They will grab attention, add colour and interest to the page, and encourage the viewer to read your copy.

A couple of good photographs of you, or more, maybe a headshot, and a portrait or two of you – in your work environment, doing what you do, will be much more interesting than a studio shot.  Spread them out throughout the page, after every one or two paragraphs.

Use real photos of you, and team members if you have them, not stock shots.  It makes you much more approachable, visitors will think they know the real you, leading them to trust you and want to work with you.

Professional photos, that look fabulous, rather than a selfie or snapshot, will really help sell you to your audience, and show that you take your business seriously.

How about adding a video of you introducing yourself if you dare?!  That would really help your viewer to get to know you!


Nail the ending

Include your social media links somewhere on the page if they’re not in your Header/Footer.  Add any relevant blog links or anything that you’d like them to read next.  Definitely add an email sign up form, or link to download your freebie and join your email list – they’ve read all about you and will now hopefully want to hear more from you!  Add or link to your contact details (and make sure they are up to date).

End with a CTA, a call to action, to what you want them to do next – the next stage in the buying process.  Book a call with you, link to your services or shop page, whatever they need to do next to buy from you, book you, or just get to know you more.



I hope these tips help you to put your About Me page together, or to update what you already have.  If you’d like to see mine, it’s here – My About Me page.

Even if yours is already done, do revisit and revise it every so often, and check it still reflects you and your business currently.  Does it still focus on what makes you stand out, why your ideal client should buy from you / work with you, the problems you solve for them, and show your passion for what you do? 

Oh and do your photos need updating? Or do you need a first professional branding shoot? Either way, I would love to help!

Have a look at my Branding Photography page to see more of my work and let me know if you’d like a chat about new photos for your website 🙂

Jane x 



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How to write an amazing About Me page

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