My Story…

How I went from hiding behind my logo, to showing up as the face of my business – and now help other business owners to be the star of their brands too.



I’ve always been shy, but I lost confidence when I was made redundant and became a stay-at-home mum.  And I was used to hiding my Crohn’s Disease for years too (no-one wants to hear about pain and diarrhoea after all, do they, I wasn’t even sure whether to mention it now!)

So when my health improved and I first started my photography business, to be there for the children and do something I loved, I barely told anyone.  I made a website, and sort of hoped people would find it! 

I had no idea about creating a brand, let alone running a business.  And there was no way I was going to have my photograph taken by a professional, let alone share the results with the world. 


So I used one of my favourite flower photos as my logo and as my profile photo, and kept hiding.

And of course no-one found my website, no-one booked me, no-one knew about me.  And so my new business wasn’t going anywhere. 



Photos of my family by Jane Mucklow

My family, by me – on holiday where we love to go in Cornwall, and scrubbing up well!




I knew I had to do something.  Then at one of the first local free networking groups I forced myself to go to, to meet other business owners in the same boat as me, I met a personal stylist. 

And a lightbulb went off in my head.  Here were a group of other business owners who also needed photos of themselves, and here was a personal stylist who could help us look better and feel more confident about getting in front of the camera. 

And here was also a way that I could niche my photography business too.



Photo of pink flowers and candle for blog post on using colour psychology for choosing brand colours, by Jane Mucklow of Picture Your Brand


So I started photographing headshots of other business owners, and began an on-going collaboration with that personal stylist in some of my packages, using her colour analysis and styling expertise to capture newly-confident women looking amazing.  I had my colours done with her first, and it really was a life-changing moment, suddenly being able to see which colours could actually make me look good. 

I began to feel more confident.  I started taking self portraits, and then eventually found a fellow branding photographer to take pictures of me, and got brave enough to get the other side of the camera! 



Branding photograph of Jane Mucklow by Sohal Light Photography


I got more visible, and I built my own personal brand.  I learnt that you don’t need to be perfect, or glamorous, but to just be you, and your ideal clients will love to see that.



“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde



My business has grown from there, photographing headshots and then branding portraits too.  I also loved learning all about branding for small businesses.  It is so essential for us solo business owners to build a personal brand and to be the face of our business, to be more visible and attract our ideal customers.  But those photos need to be aligned with the rest of our brand too.  


So now I help my clients not only to get fabulous photos of themselves, that they love and are happy to share.  But also to create and build a unique, distinctive and cohesive brand, with photos that capture them and their story, and help to build that brand.




Photo by Jane Mucklow of her camera and props for a Picture Your Brand blog about prop ideas for your brand photos.

“You are your brand, so brand yourself beautifully” – Dawn Davis



So do you have no clue how to build a brand, or make it personal?  I would love to help.  My knowledge and expertise will ensure that we create you a distinctive and unique brand that reflects you too.

Or maybe you’re a camera-shy entrepreneur who’d like some support to be the face of your business?  I know how that feels, and I can help you with those too.  My experience, camera skills, gentleness and smiles will ensure that we get fabulous on-brand photos of you that you love. 


And you really can be the star of your brand.



And that means that you can confidently get visible, attract your ideal customers/clients, and grow your business.



Branding photograph by Jane Mucklow of Lisa Johnson from Lisa Johnson Coaching. with added testimonial

Photo of Lisa Johnson speaking at an event @LisaJohnsonCoaching
See more testimonials here


Ready to take the next step? 


1. Fabulous photographs that capture you, tell your story, engage with your audience, build your brand, and grow your business. 

Click the button to see my different packages, including the ones with Amanda my personal stylist, so you too can discover what to wear to look younger, healthier, the very best version of you, and you’ll feel much happier and confident in front of the camera!  Plus what you learn will change your life, you can look and feel fantastic all the time 🙂
Feel free to start with a single session to see how we work together, but think about my recurring branding photography service too, because it really allows us time to get to know each other.  That helps you to be more confident in front of the camera, and for us to be much more specific and intentional with taking photos to go with your strategy for the following months.

Button or page title for Branding Photos info by Jane Mucklow / Picture Your Brand


And 2. Learn from me or work with me via courses, workshops, 1:1s and workbooks to help you create and build your brand, and get and take better brand photos.

Whether all this branding thing is new to you, or you’d like to audit what you’ve got and see where the gaps are, or even refresh the lot, I’d love to work with you 1:1 or through my new group programme, to help you delve into it all and work out your ideal client, your visual identity, your brand stories, and all the other bits that go into building a successful brand.  Or use my Create Your Brand workbook to totally DIY your brand.  (I don’t do the graphic design bit, but I can help make sure that whatever you or your designer creates does actually reflect you and really suits you and your whole brand).
Plus there’s my Basic to Brilliant online photography course for business owners, to help you take your own amazing photos of your products, services, and behind the scenes, and how to get them all aligned with your brand too.


My branding photography covers my local area in and around Sevenoaks in west Kent, and further afield across Kent, London, Surrey and Sussex.  My photography course for business owners is online, so you can learn wherever you are.  My workbooks are emailed pdfs so again you can access them from anywhere, and we can work 1:1 via zoom if you’re not close enough to meet or Covid restrictions continue.



Branding photo of Mel (and Betsy!) @Socially Sound
See more testimonials here




Take my brand style quiz to start the journey into discovering your unique brand:


Photo of a mobile phone and pink flowers, title image for the What's Your Brand Style quiz by Jane Mucklow, Picture Your Brand





Do you work for yourself and get to do what you love?  I love taking photos.  I gave up working for the Queen to take photos!  What I thought was my dream job surrounded by art and history and books and photos at Windsor Castle, so that I could pursue my new dream of creating photographs for a living.  And now I get to do that, and fun branding stuff too, and even teach photography as well, to help other business owners easily do what took me years.  Definitely my new dream job!

If you’d like to get to know me a little better, do come and hang out with me on social media, especially in my free group on facebook, Your Brand Story.  I share lots of tips in there to help you with your brand and brand photos and to get visible and grow your business 🙂 



Jane x





Pink and granite website banner for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand


Branding photo of Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand with intro text

Read more on the Services page and do get in touch for a chat about what you need – Contact Me .  I’d love to help get you a little or a lot more visible, with a brand and photos that you’re proud of, that help you convert your audience into fans and buyers.

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PS  I’m really proud to have had photographs I’ve taken published in Forbes, the Times, and Tatler, as well as more local publications.  But it’s always a buzz to see my images used on my clients’ websites, marketing and social media!   

montage of As seen in logos for Jane Mucklow

 With thanks to Sohal Light Photography for the photos of me on this page and elsewhere on my website.




PPS I’m also a landscape photographer!  If you’re looking for more of these, you need my other website for my local landscape photos available as prints, cards and calendars, at Jane Mucklow Photography.

Photograph by Jane Mucklow of a snowy style at sunrise
Snowy style at sunrise, by me – just round the corner from where I live in Otford, Sevenoaks.




Dark purple and granite website banner for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand





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