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Hi, I’m Jane, of Picture Your Brand, and it’s so good to meet you!

I’m a branding photographer and brand & visibility strategist/mentor, based near Sevenoaks, Kent.  My mission is to inspire and help fellow introvert entrepreneurs like you to get visible as the face of your business, with a beautiful and distinctive, personalised brand that truly reflects you.  So that you can confidently show up, stand out, and sell more easily.


Because I know how it feels to prefer to hide away safely instead of getting personal, vulnerable and visible.  But how will anyone want to buy from you or book you if they don’t know who you are or what you do?  And so they didn’t when I first started my business.  Eventually I realised that building a more personal brand would really help, and that I needed to work out ways to get visible that suited me more than the ones I kept hearing about.  And now I’d love to teach you to do it a lot quicker and easier!  So let’s get your brand sorted out with some style and strategy to give you the confidence you need to be more visible, so that you can create the impact and income you want.  

- My membership is the best way to work with me for ongoing support, training, community, planning and accountability, find out more here: The Brand Plan
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I’ve always been shy, but I lost confidence when I was made redundant and became a stay-at-home mum.  And I spent years hiding being ill from my Crohn’s Disease too. (Read more of my story on this here on my blog).

So when my health improved and I first started my photography business, to be there for the children and do something I loved, I barely told anyone.  I made a website, and sort of hoped people would find it!  I had no idea about creating a brand, let alone running a business.  And there was no way I was going to have my photograph taken by a professional, let alone share the results with the world. 

So I used one of my favourite flower photos as my logo and as my profile photo, and kept hiding.  But 'build it and they will come' just doesn't work does it!  And of course no-one found my website, no-one booked me, no-one knew about me.  And so my new business wasn’t going anywhere.

About Me page for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand - photo of Jane leaning on an old stone wall

I knew I had to do something.  Then at one of the first local free networking groups I forced myself to be brave enough to go to, to meet other business owners in the same boat as me, I met a personal stylist.  And a lightbulb went off in my head.  Here were a group of other business owners who also needed photos of themselves, and here was a personal stylist who could help us look better and feel more confident about getting in front of the camera. 

And here was also a way that I could niche my photography business too.

So I started photographing headshots of other business owners, working on my confidence and learning more about branding too.  And I started taking self portraits, and then eventually found a fellow branding photographer to take pictures of me, and got brave enough to get the other side of the camera!  

About Me page for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand - photo of Jane's camera and candle and flowers

I also began to realise that I really did need to get more visible, even though I didn't really want to!   And the trouble was, all the business advice and coaches that I found online to follow, all seemed to think that it was easy to be sociable, to go live, to talk to people - and it really wasn't easy for me, I would much rather hide! 

I can't remember how, but I came to realise that there wasn't something wrong with me, it was because I was in fact an introvert!  And so as I learnt more about what that meant, I decided it wasn't going to hold me back anymore, and I didn't want others to feel as I had been feeling either.   I realised that you don’t need to be perfect, or glamorous, or loud and bubbly, but to just be you, and your ideal clients will love to see that.  I learnt more about brands and branding, and started consciously building a more personal, strategic brand that helped me feel more confident about getting visible.   And Picture Your Brand eventually became a whole separate part of my photography business to my landscape work, for the brand photography and the brand support I now offered.

“Be yourself, everyone else is already taken” – Oscar Wilde

I’ve grown from there, because I love learning and trying to be the best I can, and I’ve loved learning all about branding for small businesses, brands and photographing branding portraits too.  It is so essential for us solo business owners to build a personal brand and to be the face of our business, to be more visible and attract our ideal customers.  But those photos need to be aligned with the rest of our brand too, and that brand needs to be more us to stand out from the crowd. 

So now I help my clients not only to get fabulous photos of yourself, that you love and are happy to share.  But also to create a more personal brand, to build a unique, distinctive and cohesive brand, so that your beautiful photos that capture you and your story, also help to build that brand.  I help you picture the whole brand, and to feel more like a superstar!

About Me page for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand - photo of Jane in front of camelias taking a photo

I know all the different brand and branding and visibility stuff I can help you with might seem confusing, so I have streamlined it all into these five steps of my Superstar Brand System.  So that you can shine (gently and quietly if you prefer!) as the star of your brand, in your own way - but confidently show up, stand out, and sell more.


1. Solid brand foundations: create your brand - get clear, strategic, and personalise your brand basics

2. Unique branding: style your brand - get your business' visual identity clear, strategic and personalised to you

3. Pretty and Professional-looking Photos: capture your brand - and be the face of your business

4. Engaging and Effective content: connect your brand - messaging and strategy to attract and connect with your ideal customers/clients without getting burnt out

5. the Right visibility strategies: grow your brand - visibility with intention, marketing what you do and selling more easily


All these steps together, will give you a meaningful and memorable brand, that gives you the confidence to grow, and irresistibly attracts your audience so you can create the income and impact you want.  Everything I teach fits in to one or more of these steps - see the membership or my 1:1s for all of it!  And through all of it I help you create a more authentic brand that is personalised to the real you, giving you the confidence to show up as yourself.

“You are your brand, so brand yourself beautifully” – Dawn Davis

About Me page for Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand - photo of Jane's camera, cactus and candle

Are you ready to stop struggling with growing your business?  Fed up with feeling overwhelmed at all the things you could be doing to get visible?  Burnt out with trying to do them all?  Or scared to try, because all those things like sales calls, getting in photos, dancing on TikTok, or going live feel too terrifying or just really aren't for you?

It's ok, there are plenty of visibility strategies that will work for you instead, more suited to us quiet, shy or introvert business owner.  And with support and a confidence boost, my introvert-friendly tips and strategies, and a strong, strategic brand to back you up, you might even find you will be happy doing some of them after all!

So, let's build you a superstar brand, so you can confidently get visible, attract your ideal customers/clients and thrive as an introvert business owner.


> My membership is the best way to work with me for ongoing support, training, community, planning and accountability, find out more here: The Brand Plan
> Start with my free ebook The Introvert's Guide To Getting Visible
> Or Explore everything

The page for ALL the things, free and paid, currently available from Jane Mucklow, The Introvert Brand Expert - come and see what I do to help introvert business owners with building a personal brand and getting visible.

Get to know me a little more through the things I love…

I love taking photos.  I gave up working for the Queen to take photos!  And now I love meeting and photographing amazing entrepreneurs like you, who need some just as amazing images to bring your brand to life, tell your story, connect with your audience, and grow your business.  Setting the tone and feel of your brand, and making you stand out from the crowd.

I especially love my new recurring branding photography service, The Visibility Plan, because it really allows us time to get to know each other.  That helps you to be more confident in front of the camera, and for us to be much more specific and intentional with taking photos to go with your strategy for the following months.

And I love getting to know you and your brand.  If all this branding thing is new to you, I’d love to help you delve into it and work out your ideal client, your visual identity, your brand stories, and all the other bits that go into building a successful brand.  Instead of making all the mistakes I did when I started! 

On the brand side of things I especially love my membership The Brand Plan as the best way to help you, and give you ongoing support and training.  Start with the free stuff first if you like, with my free ebook, The Introvert's Guide To Getting Visible, and then join the membership to help you keep building your brand, get more visible, and grow your business.  So that you too can show up, stand out, and sell more easily (even if you're an introvert).

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More things I love...

I love colour.  My photography style is full of contrast and saturated colour (although when I photograph for a business my style and editing will be totally bespoke to what you need, to match your brand and visual identity).

I also love chocolate (though very sadly eating more than a little bit at once makes me ill!), tea and cake with friends (ok, maybe a drink or two with them as well), dinner out with my husband, family holidays to the beach with our three children (we’re often in Cornwall), reading historical crime fiction, and going for a wander in the countryside with my camera (you can see my local landscape photos on my other website, available as prints, cards and calendars, at Jane Mucklow Photography).

I love that I can help you to become more visible.  To be confident sharing your beautiful new branding photos.  To learn more about building your brand.  To stand out and shine.  (All helping you to sell more easily - which is exactly what we need as business owners!)


Fun Fact #1: I’m a big Poldark fan too. Since I was 11 and the original series was repeated on BBC2, and then I read all the books too.  And still re-read.  And re-watch.  Both versions!  Anyone else?

Fun Fact #2: I used to teach children gymnastics and trampolining!

Fun Fact #3:  I hate having to think of things like this but three sounds better!

Branding photo and testimonial from Mel, Socially Sound (and Betsy!)

Next Steps:

Come and hang out with me in my free Facebook group Your Brand Story

Get my free ebook The Introvert's Guide To Getting Visible, and get on my email list for tips to thrive as an introvert business owner, news and offers

Find info on the membership, branding photos, and everything else on my Everything Page

And if you'd like to know even more about me, there's more over on the Blog, in the handy category: #Musings and more about me or come and stalk me on social media, links are in the footer just below!

PS I’m really proud to have had photographs I’ve taken published in Forbes, the Times, and Tatler, as well as more local publications.  But it’s always a buzz to see my images used on my clients’ websites, marketing and social media!   

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With thanks to Sohal Light Photography for the photos of me on this page and elsewhere on my website.

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