From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star

Are you ready to take fabulous photos of yourself, always have an up to date image to share, (and get used to getting in pictures)?

Confidently show up, connect with your audience, and sell more!

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- Hate the idea of getting in photos because you never like them?

- Fed up of using the same few branding images all the time?  (Or not sharing any at all, even though you know you should be sharing your face a bit more?!)

- And need some tips to look good, feel confident, and take better photos of yourself?

Well here's how to feel happier being in front of a camera because you know how to look good, love your photos because you know how to make them look good, so you can happily share them everywhere, and confidently show up as yourself, be the face of your business and get building your personal brand...

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it's time to stop hiding and show your face in photos, selfies are a great way to start

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what you'll learn in the Selfie Star course, from lighting and editing to posing

And you'll feel:

- So much more confident about getting in photos when you know you look good

- Much more comfortable posing for the camera

- And relieved that you finally have some fabulous photos to share of yourself!

NB. Hey, just so you know, there's a special offer at the checkout for you on my Conquer Your On Camera Confidence course!  Find out more about it here  (and then come back here for the offer).

From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star will teach you how to take better photos and better looking photos of yourself.  But what if you:

Hate being photographed?  Worry about how you look?  Feel scared of being judged if you share a photo of yourself?

It's all ok, here's how to feel happier being in front of a camera, love your photos, and get building your personal brand!  Conquer Your On-Camera Confidence is my Introvert's Guide to getting in photos, full of tips and strategies you can use to build your confidence, banish your nerves, and boost your brand.

It's a course for introvert, quiet and camera-shy business owners, walking you through my easy to follow steps, in 14 mindset and actionable lessons, to help you feel better about becoming the face of your business.  (You know you need to).

So if that's you, grab the special offer at the checkout to get my course Conquer Your On-Camera Confidence for £17 instead of £77😉 

take the selfie course, sign up now!

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