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A selection of tools, tech, templates, courses and resources, and even people that I love and recommend for you too.  All introvert friendly for entrepreneurs like us.

Disclaimer: Most of these links are affiliate or referral links so I may get a small commission or chance to win something (at no extra cost to you) if you sign up and purchase something through my link - but they are all things I love :) 

(NB This is a new page, check back soon to see more things added!)

Want to be an Affiliate for me?


Here are some of the fabulous memberships I'm in, take a look and see if you'd like to join me!  - Though don't forget mine too, The Brand Plan ;) 

Pop Business Boutique Logo

Libby Knight

The Pop Business Boutique

I've been in Libby's membership since it started.  Libby will help you with your productivity and organisation of your business, to manage your time better and keep you accountable for your goals. Alongside other things that I also teach, our memberships go really well together and several of my members are in both!

logo Email Marketing Membership Liz Wilcox

Liz Wilcox

Email Marketing Membership

Like some help with writing regular emails?  And make it much easier?  Liz has loads of swipe copy you can use, and you get a new one each week, plus trainings, all for just $9 a month!

You Can Sit With Us logo

Lisa Johnson Strategy

You Can Sit With Us Membership

Tons of business support in here, with lots of guest trainings from various experts to pick and choose from, plus monthly trainings from Lisa.  And hundreds of fellow members to network with.

Ruth Poundwhite logo for Soulful Sales membership

Ruth Poundwhite

The Soulful Selling Society

I'm a founding annual member of Ruth's membership and it's brilliant!  Come and work on your mindset as well as strategy to just make selling feel easier and more aligned with who you are.


Here are a variety of courses that I've done and loved, especially suitable for introverts and quiet business owners to keep building and marketing your business (alongside my brand and visibility courses and membership).

logo - online business playground by Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy Goddard

Online Business Playground

Want to enjoy your business more?  To feel less overwhemed, and remember why you are doing what you do?  This course will help you find the fun and the flow in your business...

logo Lizzy Goddard Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Lizzy Goddard

The Lazy Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Want to add some easy affiliate marketing income to your business?  Lizzy's course will tell you everything about the why and the how to implement it.  Make a page like this one, and loads of other ideas too.

logo Lizzy Goddard $9 offers

Lizzy Goddard

Small But Mighty $9 Offers

Love creating new things? The tiny $9 offer is a super fun way into your world that's easy to sell, grows your list, and makes you money!

Grab this $9 course from Lizzy to learn all about her $9 offer strategy...

Tara Reid photo

Tara Reid

Instagram for Introverts

A mini course to help you get to know and use Instagram, the introvert-friendly way! Build your community, get more engagement, and get clients...

Business Tools & Tech

Some useful tools and tech I use...

membervault logo


I love MemberVault, I use it to host and sell all my courses, membership, summit, freebies etc - we're in MemberVault right now!

Read my blog to find out why I love it so much!: Review of MemberVault. 

logo Siteground


I've used SiteGround as my main website host for 6 years for my landscape site, and 2 years for my main brand site, and never had any issues or problems!  Always fast and no down-time.

Want to get started with your website?

Logo Menekse Marketing Magic Dashboards

Marketing Magic Dashboards by Marketing With Menekse 

These marketing dashboards really are magic!  You put in a bit of info, and the AI magic comes back with your posts/blogs/emails/funnels/product descriptions and more, anything you need for your business - all written for you!!

Have a look to really believe it! >>>

Favourite People!

And here's a selection of my favourite people, with affiliate links to their 'Everything' pages, so you can enjoy browsing everything available...

Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy Goddard

Lizzy is a rule-breaking, experimental, multi-offer online business strategist, who has taught me to have fun with my business and try things out.

She has lots of other offers that I love, and lots more on my wish list, in addition to the 3 I added to the Courses section above - find them all on this page here, including all her freebies :) 

Tara Reid logo

Tara Reid

Tara (A.K.A. The Introvert Coach) is a fabulous business and marketing coach, who works with introverts too.  She's taught me it's ok to be an introvert, and it's ok to niche to working with introverts too ;)  

She has loads of courses, workshops and templates etc to help you market your business.  

Ruth Poundwhite photo

Ruth Poundwhite

Ruth is an aligned business coach and mentor, especially for quiet business owners.  She has taught me to embrace being who I am, and that it's ok to be quiet, and it's ok to be ambitious!

She has lots of resources and courses to help you align your business with who you are, plus on marketing, emailing and journaling.

Want to be an Affiliate for me?

If you have an affiliate programme for something that would be a great fit for my quiet, camera-shy and introverted audience, please get in touch.

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