From Frazzled to Focused: The Strategy Bundle

Feeling flustered and frustrated, floundering around trying to plan your next year in business?  These workbooks take you through exactly what to do! 

Need some help getting organised with your business plans?  Not sure where you are headed, or how to get there?  You've got your brand and now you need to work out how to use it to get visible?

Then this Big Bundle is for you!  Buy now and get your business vision, goals and planning sorted, and learn the strategies you need to get you to where you want to be.

This is a set of five workbooks covering:

1) Reviewing your year - before planning the next one. (20 pages)

2) Your Big Business Vision - designing the life and business that you really want. (14 pages)

3) Your Business Goals - working out the steps to get you there. (15 pages)

4) Your Big Business & Brand Strategy - mapping out your business for the year, looking at time strategy, financial strategy, how you are going to get more visible and grow your brand, audience and business with your marketing strategy; launch strategy and content strategy. (36 pages)

5) Planning Your Year - the detailed planning out of all those goals and strategies. (17 pages)

And a bonus workbook:

6) Your Sticking Strategy - ways to stick to your plans and get them done! (9 pages)

This is a workbook bundle that you can work through by yourself in your own time.  Download the workbooks to print, read, learn, and fill in.  It comes with support from me too, so if you have any questions, please do pop over to my free Facebook group Your Brand Story and ask me.

NB. The course can be done at any time of the year, it doesn't need to be at the end or start of a year.  Just adjust the planning templates for the months you want to cover.

**These workbooks will get a makeover at some point, and turned into more of a course, probably with videos too, but you'll get access to all the new version too.  (The content planning stuff will probably come out of this course at that point because it will be inside its own content course instead).

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