Inspiring and supporting quietly ambitious and introvert entrepreneurs to build and grow your visibility, brand and business – through gorgeous storytelling photography, and a stand out, strategic, and personal brand.    

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Are you ready to get visible, tell your story, and make an impact?

I know you want to, but it feels really scary.  But if you build your superstar personal brand, you can.  With ease, authenticity, and confidence.


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It’s time to show the world who you are!  You’re a business owner now, and you need to get out there to find your ideal clients or customers, and turn them into buyers and loyal fans. 


I know that’s a little scary for us introverted, camera-shy, quiet entrepreneurs, but it is essential to becoming successful, so you can help more people.


You just need a brand that works.  A brand that makes you recognisable and memorable.  A brand that is personal and unique and makes you stand out from the crowd.  A brand that connects with your potential customers and clients and builds a relationship with them.  A brand that gives you the confidence to get out there.  A brand where you are the star, so you can comfortably and easily stand out and shine.


Work with me:

Don't worry, you're in the right place! You CAN build a brand that's personal and helps get you visible, and I will support you through the process. So you can confidently stand out with a stylish and strategic personal brand, with fabulous photos you love too...

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I know how you feel, I used to hide too.
When I first started my own business, I used my new homemade logo as my profile photo, I barely told anyone what I was now doing, and there was no way I was making any videos or going live on social media.

I built my new website, and waited for the sales to roll in… 

…Which of course, didn’t happen! 


And so I started learning that we need to get personal, and visible, to build a successful business. 

With a strong, stand out and strategic brand.

But despite knowing that, it was really hard to do in practice!  I struggled because all the business and marketing advice out there seemed to be designed for extroverts – and I realised that wasn’t me!  So I’ve spent lots of time learning about being an introvert and how to work with that.  And I’ve loved learning loads more about building my own brand, alongside helping my branding photography clients to build theirs.   Both have massively helped my business.


And so I am passionate about helping you create a brilliant stand-out brand.  One that is distinctive, cohesive and personal.  That tells your story and makes you the star.

Because you don’t need to be perfect, or glamorous, or loud, you just need to be you.  You need to learn to use your introvert strengths, and find the right visibility strategies for you.  You need a brand that works, that’s personal to you so you stand out, and then you can confidently get visible and market your business. 

So what’s it to be?

Keep floundering around trying to do all the things yourself?
Or treat yourself to some expert but friendly help?
Read on for more about the options…

Need personal support to help you brand yourself?  You need The 1:1 VIP Brand Accelerator. 

Want a community of support and accountability, whilst you DIY your brand and build a visibility strategy using all my trainings? You need my membership The Brand Plan

Happy to self study just the bits you need?  Pick and mix from the courses and resources in The Academy.

Looking for on location branding and headshot photos?  Let’s Capture Your Brand.

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The 1:1 VIP Brand Accelerator


Need help or support to actually get it done?  You need the 1:1 VIP Brand Accelerator!  This is the Done-With-You option rather than DIY, where we get together on zoom on our own, and you get my expertise to brainstorm through the process to really nail your superstar brand.  

Let’s get your brand sorted, strong and strategic so your business gets a great big boost.  

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The Membership


Get everything you need to sort out and supercharge your brand, and then get visible too.  Strategically. 

The Brand Plan is especially for introvert entrepreneurs, or anyone struggling with their brand and getting out there to find and convert your customers/clients.

Be yourself, build and elevate a brand that is truly you, & grow a successful sustainable business that works for you.

Learn AND implement, with support and accountability from me and your fellow members – your very own cheerleading squad on your visibility journey! 

Choose from Standard or Elite levels.


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The Academy


Find all my resources and courses in one place: The Picture Your Brand Academy.  Free resources, workbooks, short, and more in depth courses, helping you with various aspects of creating and building your own distinctive, cohesive and beautiful brand – and making each element personal to you too.

  I’ve brought everything together into my five step brand system, designed to give you brand clarity and put every element into place from solid brand foundations to becoming irresistible, with a meaningful and memorable personal brand. 

Pick and mix to learn what you need from the different steps (- or get everything inside The Brand Plan membership, see just above!) 




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Branding Photos & Headshots


It’s time to be the face of your business!  


You need photos that show who you are, and what you do.  Photos that capture you, your personality and your brand, and bring them to life.  Photos that truly capture you – the best version of you!  Photos that you love, and will love to share.  Photos that your ideal clients will love too.

It makes your marketing so much easier when you have a range of gorgeous images to use all over your website and socials.  Creating fabulous first impressions, connecting with your audience, and building your personal brand.

I know you don’t like having your photograph taken though, and I’ll be totally supporting you through the process.  My branding photography and headshot packages all come with planning help, brand clarity support, and my camera confidence e-book, and on the day I’ll be gently posing and encouraging you.  So you don’t have to worry about not making the most of your session or not getting fabulous on-brand photos 🙂 



It’s my mission to help camera-shy business owners like you to get confident in front of the camera, get beautiful photos you love, and get comfortable sharing them too.



I have a trick to help you: start with selfies!  Take my From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star course and you too can easily start becoming the face of your business!


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Want in on the free stuff first? 

Find my free resources, lessons and easy to action tips in The Brand Builders Hub section of the Academy!



Photo of Jane Mucklow by Manjit Sohal

So what’s my story? 

I’m a branding photographer and brand strategist, based near Sevenoaks, Kent.  My mission is to help camera-shy and introvert entrepreneurs like you to get visible as the face of your business, with a beautiful and distinctive personal brand that truly reflects you.   

Because I know how it feels to prefer to hide instead of shine as the star of your brand.  But how will anyone want to buy from you or book you if they don’t know who you are?  And so they didn’t when I first started my business. Eventually I realised that I needed to build a personal brand with me at the heart of it, and have spent years learning the best ways to do that.  And now I’d love to teach you to do it a lot quicker and easier!  So let’s get your brand sorted out with some style and strategy to give you the confidence you need, so that you can create the impact and income you want.  

Read more… 

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I love it when I see my clients really happy to use the photos I’ve taken, all over their social media and websites.  But it’s especially exciting when they are actually published somewhere!  Here are a few of those places:
montage of As seen in logos for Jane Mucklow

I am so proud that I have won the following awards for my business (all judged by a panel of independent judges, not based on how many people I can get to vote):

Sevenoaks Business Awards 2016: 3rd place Home Enterprise

Kent Women in Business Awards 2017: Runner Up Mumpreneur of the Year, and Finalist Women in Retail.

Independent Business Awards Kent 2018: Runner Up Home Based Business, and Finalist Creative Business of the Year.

Kent Women in Business Awards 2019: Runner Up Women in Retail, and Finalist Women in the Arts/Creative.




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