Inspiring female entrepreneurs to build and grow their visibility, brand and business through gorgeous story-telling photography, and creating a beautiful, distinctive and personal brand.    


Are you ready to make an impact, show yourself, and tell your story?


As an entrepreneur today, you really need to build a personal brand, and be the face of your business. 

You need photos that show who you are, and what you do.  Photos that capture you, your personality and your brand, and bring them to life.  Photos that truly capture you – the best version of you!  Photos that you love, and will love to share.  Photos that your ideal clients will love too.


You need some of my branding photos!  Branding photos with STRATEGY.

6x branding photo examples by Jane Mucklow

Because those photos also need to go with the rest of your brand to make sure they look amazing, AND work effectively for you.


Which is why I am also passionate about helping you create a brilliant stand-out brand.  One that is distinctive, cohesive and personal.  That tells your story and makes you the star.


You need a brand that WORKS.  A brand that makes you RECOGNISABLE and MEMORABLE.  A brand that is personal and unique and makes you stand out from the crowd.  A brand that connects with your potential customers and clients and builds a relationship with them.  You need a brand that CONVERTS.


Branding photo of Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand


Maybe you’ve realised that you’re just not happy with where your business is going?  That you’re not attracting the right ideal clients/customers?  That you’re not confident showing up?  That you just don’t love your brand anymore, because it no longer reflects who you are and what you stand for?

Or maybe you’re only just getting going with your business, and you want to make sure you get your brand right for you right now?


Don’t worry, you’re in the right place.
You just need to learn and implement.  You need to get brave enough for that next step to take your business to the next level.  You need to get brave enough to step up, stand out, and shine.


And I would love to help.  Visit The Academy now to see all my resources and courses to help you create your brand yourself, style it, photograph it, and grow your business:

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Everything I teach helps you create and build your own distinctive, cohesive and personal brand.  I’ve brought everything together into my five step brand system, designed to give you brand clarity and put every element into place from the brand foundations to becoming irresistible, with a meaningful and memorable brand.   


Find out more about my Picture Your Whole Brand System here.  Everything I teach fits into one or more of these steps:
1.Create Your Brand  2.Style Your Brand  3.Connect Your Brand  4.Capture Your Brand  5.Grow Your Brand.


I can support you every step of the way with my Picture Your Brand group programme, or you can learn in your own time through my resources, courses and workbooks.  They’re all in the one place so you can easily browse and find what you need help with: the Picture Your Brand Academy.


Want in on the free stuff first?  Find my actionable tips, lessons and free resources in The Brand Builders Hub section of the Academy!

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Looking for my branding photo info?  Do you need fabulous photographs that capture you, tell your story, engage with your audience, build your brand, and grow your business? 


It’s all in the Academy too, read more here and download the brochure for packages and prices: Capture Your Brand. Contact me for a chat, pay the deposit to book, and we can get planning!

Capture Your Brand branding photos by Jane Mucklow of Picture Your Brand, image title


But…  I hate having my photograph taken!

Don’t panic, you’re not the only one 🙂  But it is so important to get professional photos of you to use in your business, to show that you mean business, and to share who you are.  So I’m on a mission to get camera-shy business owners like you, to still get beautiful branding photos that you love too.

I know it feels good to get your lovely new photos back too, and how much easier it is to have a range of gorgeous photos to use all over your website, social media, and marketing. Creating fabulous first impressions, building your brand, and connecting with your ideal customers/clients.

All my packages come with a free consultation to discuss the photos you need, and I have lots of tips for you in the Academy too once you’ve booked.


Need some reassurance?  There are specific testimonials in each of the products in the Academy or see some prettier ones on the Testimonials page in here! 

Branding photograph by Jane Mucklow of Marie Brown from Beyond the Kitchen Table. With added testimonial.


Like to know a bit more about me?  


Photo of Jane Mucklow by Manjit Sohal

So what’s my story? 

I’m a branding photographer and brand strategist, based near Sevenoaks, Kent.  My mission is to help aspiring (and introvert?) entrepreneurs like you to get visible as the face of your business, with a beautiful and distinctive personal brand that truly reflects you.   

Because I know how it feels to prefer to hide instead of shine as the star of your brand.  But how will anyone want to buy from you or book you if they don’t know who you are?  And so they didn’t when I first started my business. Eventually I realised that I needed to build a personal brand with me at the heart of it, and have spent years learning the best ways to do that.  And now I’d love to teach you to do it a lot quicker and easier!  So let’s get your brand sorted out with some style and strategy to give you the confidence you need, so that you can create the impact and income you want.  

Read more… 

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The next round of my online smartphone photography course starts in February-March 2021.

See more info and get on the waiting list for Basic to Brilliant (and On-Brand) now so you don’t miss out: 

The Basic to Brilliant photography course by Jane Mucklow of Picture Your Brand, image title


I love it when I see my clients really happy to use the photos I’ve taken, all over their social media and websites.  But it’s especially exciting when they are actually published somewhere!  Here are a few of those places:
montage of As seen in logos for Jane Mucklow

I am so proud that I have won the following awards for my business (all judged by a panel of independent judges, not based on how many people I can get to vote):

Sevenoaks Business Awards 2016: 3rd place Home Enterprise

Kent Women in Business Awards 2017: Runner Up Mumpreneur of the Year, and Finalist Women in Retail.

Independent Business Awards Kent 2018: Runner Up Home Based Business, and Finalist Creative Business of the Year.

Kent Women in Business Awards 2019: Runner Up Women in Retail, and Finalist Women in the Arts/Creative.




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