From Basic To Brilliant: The Phone Photography Course

Wish your social media feeds looked prettier? 

Want your photos to look more professional? 

Would really like it all to be so much quicker and easier?!

I know!

I know you need beautiful photos of your products, and of all the other stuff it helps to share too, without having to spend hours re-taking them, or giving up and searching for a stock photo to use instead.

And neither option turns out quite right either does it! 

But it doesn't have to be frustrating trying, it doesn't need to be difficult.  And it can actually be fun!

personal branding photo of Jane Mucklow, wearing dark green, leaning on a chair with a traditional pub background

I love taking photos, and I have discovered I love sharing that with others!  Especially with fellow business owners, where I can combine all my brand knowledge with all my photography experience, and really help you to take easily better photos that work more effectively for your business.

So that's why I first put this course together, my first and favourite one, even though I've since created lots of others!

The From Basic To Brilliant course takes you step by step through everything you need to know, with loads of tips and tricks and easy to follow advice, so you can take your own fabulous photos that stop the scroll and boost your brand too.

Because as well as looking good, your photos are going to do so much more for your business if they also look like part of your brand.  And I can help you with all of that too, with my own unique way of finding your brand vibe, and using that in your photography.

There's no need to be secretly ashamed of your photos any more!

Basic to Brilliant photography course brand stock image examples Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand

Above: You can take images like this too!  Here are examples of some of my brand stock images, photos that use my brand colours and props to convey my brand – on the course you’ll learn to plan and photograph a whole set of these for your brand, to use on your website, as blog title images, Pinterest images, and on social media when you’ve got nothing specific to go with what you want to write about!

You just need:


My six week photography course, giving you all the basic photography skills, for all the different kinds of photos you need to take for your business, and how to make them all brilliant, and on-brand!

 Grab your spot here now!

"Jane is exceptional at what she does and teaches you how to create amazing brand and product photos with just your smart phone. I'd highly recommend the course if you're looking to up your photography game with your smart phone rather than investing lots of money in new equipment.  The results really can be outstanding.  Jane is very down to earth, friendly and always presents everything with a smile whilst making some tricky subjects very easy to understand." - Zoe

Basic to Brilliant behind the scenes examples Jane Mucklow Picture Your BrandAbove: Examples of some of my behind the scenes images – on the course you’ll learn how to capture a range of behind the scenes photos from selfies and portraits, pets, your desk, food, favourite items at home etc., even holidays and days out, and business networking or other events.  Share more of your personality and what you get up to in your business and away from it, to help your audience get to know and like you, things that they will resonate with, and build a relationship with them so they want to buy from you.

Do you really need to take your own photos though?  How will they help your business?  

Better photos => capture attention => more people read your posts and get to know you and your business => more customers / clients

 Better photos => more likes => more people see your social media posts => more customers/clients

 Better photos that are all on-brand and share a bit of you and your story => build your brand, become more recognisable online => more people get to know you and your business => more customers / clients 

Photos you've taken yourself => much more authentic => build trust and value in your brand => more customers/clients

Photos you've taken yourself => much more fun to do, and free!

"I can highly recommend it! Really useful, practical tips” – Becky

Basic to Brilliant course material examples Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand

What’s involved:

This is a six week online course, delivered by video introductory lessons, alongside PDFs full of info and examples to refer to (you can work through the material quicker than doing one lesson a week if you prefer though).

PLUS easy homework tasks to get you practicing.

PLUS feedback from me with ways to improve further when you share photos in the closed Facebook group.


The course covers:

– Phone settings

– How photography works and how to use light

– Lots of composition tips

– Editing on your phone

– Accessories you could use

– Specific tips for lots of different kinds of images from selfies to flatlays, products, events and behind the scenes

– How to get your brand into your photos too.


This course is suitable for both product and service-based businesses, as I’ll be covering lots of general photography and behind the scenes photos, that both kinds of business need, as well as product shots. 

I concentrate on phone settings so that anyone can take part, but you’re welcome to use a tablet, point and shoot camera, or big fancy cameras too :)  

  Let me know if you have any questions:

"Thoroughly enjoyed Jane’s photography course my skills were severely lacking and anyone with their own business needs to have a presence on Social Media but bad photos just aren’t a good look!  Jane gave so many tips that really made a difference, including functions I didn’t know were available on my mobile camera.  Positioning and lighting make such a difference for a start and the slider function is now in use. 

Information is given in bite size chunks so anyone can keep up, the Facebooks Lives were great and we had a lovely sense of a group from all different businesses sharing photos which made you want to join in. Such a plus for personal shots too, I am no longer ashamed of my efforts!  Thanks Jane, it was great” – Clare

Basic to Brilliant product photo examples Jane Mucklow Picture Your BrandAbove: Examples of some product photos I’ve taken for other businesses – on the course you’ll learn to photograph your own products, from portrait shots to flatlays to lifestyle and still life, to show your items off perfectly and sell - skills that are transferable to photographing other items for behind the scenes shots too if you're a service based business.

** Self Study Bonuses **

Book your spot on the course and I'm adding tons more value for you with bonuses! 

#1. I’m going to give you free access to my From Brand Confusion to Brand Clarity Masterclass bundle - my workbook to find your brand vibe and the workshop recording to take you through it all - currently available at £67.00.  This is my signature method for teaching my clients to build a stand out brand that is also personal and unique to you, whilst also being cohesive and beautiful, and attract your ideal customers and clients.

"This was an awesome masterclass! Very clear and concise." - Ariel L

"Well explained, easy to follow, made me think but also helped me piece together everything I had in my head and give it some order!" - Jane W

"Your description of branding is the best one I've found yet because it's simple. I'm a fan of elegant, simple solutions! ...Thank you for offering up this course." - Karen M

See the info page here.  And then you’ll also know your brand well enough to make sure your photography style matches it too, so everything is beautifully cohesive and works well for you.

#2. A coupon code to get a third off my From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star self-study course, currently available for £147, because you need to be sharing photos of you, and this course will help you look better on camera and give you even more tips for taking better photos :) 

See the Selfie Star info page here.

#3. Yes there's a number 3 too!  There's a surprise bonus for you when you complete the course, because I want to try and make sure you do actually take action and finish it all  ;) 

(And don't forget that opening and completing all the lessons in here will give you loads more EP in the Academy, adding up to more bonuses!)


“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot, especially features and settings on my phone that I never knew about.  Jane’s instruction was very clear and easy to follow. The group energy was great too, lots of support and encouragement when sharing photos etc.  I now consider things such as light and alignment when taking photos, not just point and shoot and hope for the best!  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to take better photos whether it’s for business or pleasure.  Thank you Jane” - Sarah

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Stop the scroll!  Learn how to take better photos for your business, with the From Basic to Brilliant photography course for business owners or entrepreneurs, and take your social media images, and all your other photos, from basic to brilliant, and on-brand. 

I can't wait to work with you :) 

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