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THE BRAND PLAN [Classic Membership]

The Brand Plan is my cosy membership, for quiet, shy, and introvert entrepreneurs and business owners, giving you strategy and support to confidently show up, stand out, sell more - and grow your business. 

It is designed to give you ongoing accountability, mentoring, and community, alongside a wide range of resources and trainings around building and elevating your brand, getting visible, and growing your business. 

Come and join us, and let's start building your irresistible, impactful, income-generating - and visible - personal brand :) 

2024 Social Media Content Calendar

Ready to make 2024 your year of easy visibility?

Imagine having a whole year of content ideas ready to use to grow your audience, brand and business with!

Buy the 2024 Social Media Content Calendar for introvert business owners now, and get instant access to:

✅Done-For-You 2024 Viral Content Calendar
✅Monthly email reminder and tips for planning the next month's content
✅Tips for using social media as an introvert
✅Bonus: 150 Viral Video & Caption Hooks to Stop The Scroll 
✅Bonus: 93 High Converting Call To Actions
✅Bonus: An extra 31 of my brand visibility content prompts

✨Choose The Brand Plan classic membership offer option at the checkout for ongoing support, community, accountability, strategy, and mentoring so you can totally show up, stand out and sell more in 2024!


How sorted is your brand?  Is it strong, stylish and strategic? 

Does it tell your story and help you stand out as the star?

This is how to work with me 1:1 to fast-track getting your superstar brand totally nailed, so that it's all working effectively for you to market your business and create the impact and income you want.

You'll also get complimentary access to The Brand Plan Elite Membership, for a year of ongoing support, accountability, community, and ALL the training resources in the Brand Academy to dive deeper into your brand and visibility.

The Introvert's Guide to Getting Visible

Struggling to find ways to get visible to grow your business that don't involve going live every day?!  That you're not terrified of, or overwhelmed by?

I'm an introvert business owner too, and I know how hard it is to get out there.  But I've learnt that it's much easier with a strong brand, and have found other introvert-friendly strategies too.  

So sign up now for my free guide to getting visible, and discover my top ten insider secrets and strategies...

Image title for The Introvert Entrepreneur's Toolbox resource collection by Jane Mucklow

The Introvert Entrepreneur's Toolbox

The ultimate toolkit to harness your introvert advantage.

12 lessons with a selection of resources to help you learn about being an introvert entrepreneur, find your introvert strengths, and (quietly, but confidently) thrive.

Conquer Your On-Camera Confidence

Quick steps to vanquish camera-shyness for good!

Hate being photographed?  Worried about how you look? Scared of being judged if you share a photo of yourself? 

Here's how to feel happier being in front of a camera, love your photos, and get building your personal brand.

Conquer Your On-Camera Confidence is my introvert's Guide to getting in photos, full of tips and strategies you can use to build your confidence, banish your nerves, and boost your brand.

It's a course for introvert, quiet and camera-shy business owners, walking you through my easy to follow steps to help you feel better about becoming the face of your business.  You know you need to!

Discover Your Brand Style Quiz

Take my free quiz to discover your brand style!

Which season are you?

Find your perfect brand personality and style, and learn how to use it to design your beautiful, meaningful and stand out brand.

The Introvert Brand Builders Hub - Free Resource Library & Community Hub

Your free library full of bite size resources to help you create and build your brand so you can get out there, get visible, and grow your business.  

Plus come and join my private client+student only group, The Brand Builders Community, here in the Hub.

Sign up now for free access!

Capture Your Brand

YOU, YOUR BRAND, YOUR STORY: Fabulous on-location branding photos for quietly ambitious female entrepreneurs, capturing you and your business so you stand out from the crowd and find more customers.

Re-doing your website?  Want more variety for your social media images?  Ready for some PR?  Fed up with not having any gorgeous imagery of yourself that you love?  

Let's showcase how awesome you are with a range of beautiful branding photos that capture your personality, tell your story, and align with your brand.

So you can show up, stand out, and smash those business goals!

Easy Visibility Hacks For Introverts: The Masterclass

Some easier ways for introverts to get visible, without trying to do it the extrovert way!  

Plan, choose the best ways for you, and then take action.

The Get Brand Visible (evergreen) Challenge!

Get you and your brand more visible to your audience with my 30 day social media posting challenge!  Thirty prompts telling exactly what to post every day for a month - that can be started and completed at any time (plus an extra one in case it's a long month!). 

Attract, nurture, educate, amuse, inspire, engage, and easily sell to your audience with my daily posts keeping you top of mind, sharing your brand and business, and basically getting you a whole lot more visible.  

Join my evergreen challenge and get your social media sorted for a whole month :)  

NB We're coming up to a live round of this challenge throughout November 2023 if you'd rather join that instead sign up here!

From Brand Confusion to Brand Clarity: The Brand Vibe Course

Does your brand look good, and work well, cohesively and consistently?  Or is it a little chaotic and confusing?! 

This course (videos + workbook) will help you to work out your brand vibe, and show you how to use it effectively.  Taking you from confused brand to brilliant brand, giving you confidence and clarity, and a brand that captivates and converts your audience.

This is my own method for how I teach my photography and my brand clients to build a stand out brand that is also personal and unique to you.

*Included in The Brand Plan membership.

From Selfie Shy To Selfie Star

A self-study course giving you tons of tips and all my insider secrets to turn you into a selfie superstar!  No more being scared of the camera, and you can learn how to look good in all your photos too.

Available to start learning straight away :) 

From Ordinary to Authentic: The Personal Brand Foundations Course

Feeling frustrated that your brand just isn't connecting with your audience?  Feeling a bit bland?  Not even sure how to start creating your brand? 

Then this is for you!  This will show you how to take your ordinary bland brand and turn it into a strong strategic brand that is also personal to you.  All the steps to create from the beginning, or refresh, strengthen and personalise what you already have.  So you can stand out authentically and shine as the star of your brand.

This is the brand, not the branding by the way!  All the things like knowing your ideal client and your message, mission and niche.  The things you need to get clear on, before you create your branding/commission your branding/check that your branding reflects you and your whole brand.

From Basic To Brilliant: The Phone Photography Course

A smartphone photography online course for business owners.  Take your social media photos from Basic to Brilliant, AND on-brand!

A six week self study course.  

Covers taking photos, composing photos, editing photos, photographing products, photographing all the behind the scenes images for your social media, how to get all your photos aligned with your brand, and how to plan and take a set of brand stock images.

*Included in The Brand Plan Elite membership.

From Overwhelmed to Organised: The Content Course

Feeling totally overwhelmed with what to post where, what to write about, how to plan it - or where even to start?

Then this is for you!  This will get you confidently organised, writing the right kind of content, and knowing exactly what to say to your audience and where.

It's a self-study course showing you how to create compelling content that connects with and converts your audience, supercharging your content planning and strategy, and giving you tons of ideas what to post and create.  Including modules on creating content that is aligned with you and your brand, using your messaging magic and the secrets of storytelling...

*Included in The Brand Plan Elite membership.

From Nervous to Nailing It!

Get Confident with Facebook lives, right from which buttons to press for beginners, to ideas for what to say, plus confidence and strategy tips too.

A self-study course giving you tons of tips to take you from worried, shy and nervous, to confidently nailing it at Facebook lives!  No more being scared of the tech, or what to say, or worried about how you'll look...

*Included in The Brand Plan membership as a bonus after 9 months.

From Frazzled to Focused: The Strategy Bundle

Plan your whole year for success: how to plan your business, build your brand and reach your goals.

This is a whole course to help you thoroughly organise and plan your business!  A set of five workbooks full of info, to work through and complete in your own time. 

Review your year, write your business vision, set some goals, learn about all the strategy you need to grow your business, and then make the plans to make it happen.  With a bonus sixth workbook to help you stick to those plans! 

The Brand Brainstorm

A 1:1 session on Zoom for around an hour (up to an hour and a half) with me.

Take some time to sit down and concentrate on your business, and I'll brainstorm with you to get you unstuck, help with any aspect of your brand or branding or with filling in one of my workbooks etc., bounce ideas around with you, whatever you need, and get you moving forward again.

Find, Attract & Captivate Your Perfect People

The ultimate guide to thoroughly knowing your ideal client/customer, and totally nailing your niche.  You need both together to be able to focus your marketing, confidently stand out, connect with your audience, and sell more easily!  

A 13 page workbook for you to work through in your own time, with written and audio lessons to help, and a bonus copy of the ideal client challenge from my Brand Plan membership. 

*Included in The Brand Plan membership.

Become An Affiliate

Bring a friend (or more) and get paid!!

Love my stuff?  Recommend it to others anyway? 

Use your affiliate link and get paid when someone else signs up using it!

Here's how it works...

The Stationery Hub

This is where you can browse my photography products - you don't need to sign up, just click Learn More below. 

Stationery for business use, either for you or as gifts or to keep in touch with your clients/customers.

The links in the modules will take you to my Landscape photography website, where you can see my greetings cards, notebooks and calendars :) 

Summit Waitlist

Fed up with struggling to be more visible when all the marketing advice out there is designed for confident extroverts and that's just not you?

Feel uncomfortable or worried about being more visible?

Would you love to discover how to make it all feel so much easier, and maybe even fun?! 

This summit is for you!  Join the Confident Visibility Summit and get a whole host of tips to help with all this.  

Next Summit - May 2025 TBC!  Sign up here for a few sporadic emails about dates, plans, speakers etc for my 2025 Confident Visibility Summit, and find out first when you can sign up for your free ticket.

MV Links Page Template

Want to know how to easily create a pretty page of all your links?  Grab my template here and just swap in your branding and links.  Instructions and tips included to help you add the template and fill it in. 

Here's my Links Page so you can see what yours could look like too :) 

MV Sales Page Template

Want to know how to easily create a pretty sales page for your MV products?  Grab my templates here (for a single offer and for a multiple offer product) and just swap in your branding and copy.  Instructions and tips included to help you add the templates and fill them in. 

Here's one of my Sales Pages using the single offer template so you can see what yours could look like too; and here's the main sales page for MV Page Templates, using the multi offer template :) 

MV Challenge Survey (Jan 2024)

I'm doing a market research challenge this week with MemberVault (my fabulous membership and course platform right here) and this is the resulting survey!  

It's just five questions to find out what you're struggling with most at the moment with your photos/brand/visibility/marketing to see how I can best support you.

And there will be a lovely bonus for you if you take part as a thank you: 

Answer by the end of the month and you'll get a coupon code for £50 off my 2024 Content Calendar (get it for just £17 instead of £67!).  

Answer by the end of January 19th, and you'll also get a coupon code to get your first month free in my membership (that you can use on top of my birthday flash sale also happening on the 19th!! Oh and get the Content Calendar free then too!)

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