Sevenoaks Personal Branding Photos

sevenoaks personal branding photos - Capture Your Brand with Jane Mucklow title image of a woman holding carrots in an allotments and walking away from the camera

Sevenoaks Personal Branding Photos & Headshots

Capturing you, your brand, your story: Fabulous on-location branding photos for quietly ambitious entrepreneurs.  Capturing you and your business so that you stand out from the crowd and find more customers.

Jane Mucklow is a Sevenoaks based business and personal branding photographer, working across west Kent.

Re-vamping your website?  Want more variety for your social media images?  Ready for some PR? 

Fed up with not having any gorgeous imagery of yourself and your business that you love?  


Let’s showcase how awesome you are with a range of beautiful branding photos that capture your personality, tell your story, and align with your brand.


So you can happily show up, stand out, and smash those business goals!

Sevenoaks branding photos - example of branding photo by Jane Mucklow of a woman performing a yoga pose

You’ve got a business doing something you love, you’ve got a message to share, you want to make a difference.

It makes it so much easier when you have a range of gorgeous professional images to use all over your website and socials.  Creating fabulous first impressions, marketing your business, connecting with your audience, and building your personal brand.  

It’s time to be the face of your business, get visible and make an impact!


Sharing gorgeous, professional photos of you will totally elevate your brand and business, setting the tone of your brand, showing the image you want to project to your audience, building your brand presence, making your brand personal, making you and your business recognisable and memorable.

So let's get you some branding photos and/or headshots that you love so much you can’t wait to use them everywhere – because that is what is going to help you get much more visible, build your personal brand, stand out, and attract, connect with and convert more customers and clients.   


We can book a Headshot session just for you, or as part of a Headshot Day at a specific location, including a mini branding shoot if needed.  Or there's an option to book a Mini Headshot shoot if you just need a couple of photos to update your LinkedIn or other profiles. 

Branding Photos

Personal and business branding photography sessions, capturing you, what you do, and a bit more of your story.  Starter/top up sessions, or full VIP half day sessions available.

The Visibility Plan

My annual branding photography package, plus a year's access to the classic level of my Brand Plan membership - update and expand your bank of photos throughout the year, plus get the support, training and accountability in my membership to build a strong brand, get visible, and market your business, with introvert friendly strategies.

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