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You know you need to get more visible to grow your business, right?

But you’re just not sure how to build a personal brand, you feel a bit scared of getting out there more, you’re wondering how on earth you can?



I’ve been there, I know how you feel.  I used to hide too, it’s a scary world out there after all! 

But you’re an entrepreneur now. 

You need to sort out your personal brand and get visible.  Or how will you build your audience, build your brand, and grow your business?  How will people come and work with you or buy from you if they don’t even know you exist or how amazing you are? 

It’s time to be brave – and I’m here to help.



Let me introduce you to THE BRAND PLAN!  My new monthly membership, helping you to feel so much more confident about your brand, your strategy, and your business. 

You’ll know exactly what to do to get more visible in a way that is right for you.  And you’ll get the strategy and the support to grow your business too.


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“I have learnt so much about branding for my business, it has been invaluable” – Caroline Kerslake




Imagine how much easier (and more fun!) running your business would be…



If you had systems and strategies in place to keep you organised, accountable, and on track with your goals? 

If you had total clarity on your brand and knew how to confidently share your message?

If you had a mentor to guide you and a team of cheerleaders supporting you?

If you had the confidence to get visible, to get seen, known and heard for your expertise and the work you do? 

If you knew how to maximise your energy and impact, connect with your ideal customers/clients, get your brand and personality to work for you?



You just need to sort out your strategy and super-charge your brilliant brand, so you can confidently stand out and shine.  You need to work smarter not harder.  You need THE BRAND PLAN! 


“Jane you’ve helped me so much with your advice on branding and through your group and course” – Sarah Howard




THE BRAND PLAN will help you to build a personal brand, that is unique, reflects you, and helps you stand out in the way that you want.  Plus the planning and strategy to get you to take action, to get more visible in the ways that will work for you.  Plus the mindset and confidence to increase your visibility.

And I’ll be teaching you, supporting you, and cheering you on every step of the way. 


It’s for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs who just want to get seen, known and heard, and grow their business – especially if they need a bit more confidence and to find the right strategies for them.


You’ll get the resources to take you through every stage of creating your personal brand.  And then to keep on building your strong stand-out brand, and to get even more visible. 

With courses on taking better photos, taking better selfies, getting you doing Facebook lives (and then going live elsewhere).  With workbooks and trainings to get all the brand foundations in place, and know your niche and ideal client/customer, and to find your brand vibe.  And then to keep going, to share your personality, your stories, your expertise.

PLUS networking and get it done sessions, accountability, guest expert sessions, and a whole heap of strategy and planning too.



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“Jane is very down to earth, friendly and always presents everything with a smile whilst making some tricky subjects very easy to understand.” – Zoe Wongsam




It’s for you if…

The Brand Plan is for any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to uplevel their whole business and grow, by building their personal brand, getting more confident, and getting more visible.

It’s especially for anyone who needs support to do that, who’s a bit of an introvert or just shy, and finds it hard to be more visible. 

Read more in the Academy: Is The Brand Plan for me?



But it’s not for you if…

You know exactly what to do next with your business and are happy doing it on your own.

You’re perfectly comfortable sharing all about yourself online, getting in front of the camera, going live, speaking in public, getting visible.


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So what exactly is included in The Brand Plan?



1.The Visibility Roadmap.

A big library of lessons, worksheets, and trainings for every stage of my roadmap to get visible, exclusive to members of The Brand Plan.  To give you support to build your personal brand and get visible – strategically.  With step by step, easy to follow info to teach, guide and inspire you. 

It takes you through the basics of creating your brand to make sure you have everything in place, through to building a really strong stand out brand and build brand awareness, and then how to really elevate your brand and get super visible!



2. Quarterly and monthly strategy and planning workshops on zoom 

To make sure you are planning your business and growing your brand strategically, and keep you accountable.  



3. Private Facebook group for accountability, support from your peers, and mentoring support from Jane

A supportive community, with other lovely business owners like you, to cheer you on. 



4.  Networking & Get It Done days on zoom

Working together and connecting with each other.



Plus you also get:


5.Access to all the workbooks currently in the Picture Your Brand Academy:

The How to Find Your Brand Vibe Workbook & Workshop Bundle £37

Nail Your Niche & Understand Your Ideal Client £27

Create Your Brand £47  

(Plus any further workbooks I add whilst you are in the membership).



6. Access to 4 x Live courses a year, 1 per quarter:

From Selfie Shy to Selfie Star – camera confidence course (Q2) £97 

From Nervous to Nailing It – Facebook Live course (Q3) £147

From Overwhelmed to Organised – Annual Strategy & Planning workshops/course (Q4) TBC £197

Plus a new course for Q1 in 2022



7. Guest experts to give you the mindset and confidence to increase your visibility.

Occasional guest trainings/workshops on zoom, available for replay within the membership hub.



ALL THIS is currently available at the Founders rate at just £37.00 a month!


(The workbooks and courses by themselves are worth more than that over the year!)


Ideally you would aim to stay for a year to be able to work through all the material and take all the courses.  But you don’t need to, you can cancel at any time!  …And you’re very welcome to stay for longer to keep access to all the resources and the support! 


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“You’ve definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone in several ways. Have loved the programmes and challenges I’ve completed with you and highly recommend” – Clare Summerton



Hi, I’m Jane, a branding photographer and brand strategist. 

I am an introvert entrepreneur too.   I used to hide behind my logo, not stand out, not put myself out there, not show how vulnerable I felt, was scared of getting visible, and not really sure how I could in a way that would work for me.  So I get how you feel.


It took me a long time and a lot of learning and mistakes along the way to get to where I am now, with a brand and a strategy that works for me.  I finally realised how essential a personal brand is, and the strategy too.  (And because I feel the need to learn for myself and do all the things, I have spent a lot of time learning more about it all and doing lots of training, to help my business, and to pass on to you!). 


I’ve worked hard to get more confident too, and to find the right ways for me to get visible – because we can’t actually do all the things, it has to be right for us.  But I now have a personal brand that reflects me and helps me stand out and shine, and with a strategy in place that works for me too, to grow my business. (Though I know I’ll always have more work to do!)

I have loved learning all about it though, and now I’m loving helping other business owners with their brands too.  I’m putting all my knowledge and expertise together into THE BRAND PLAN, so you have a roadmap to help you get there a lot quicker and easier… 




It’s time to stand out.  To be the face of your brand.  To be you.  To be visible.  To grow your business.

It’s time to build a personal brand, that gives you the confidence to do all this.




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And let’s start building your incredible, impactful, and income-generating personal brand!




“Talking things out with other small business owners is so helpful whilst going through your workbooks. A lot to think about and work on.” – Sarah Heaslip



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“Jane, thank you so much for such an informative workshop. You are very generous with your time and knowledge” – Sara Lacey
“You provide brilliant courses that are packed with information. Recommend 100%” – Clare Summerton
“Thank you. You share so much useful information” – Zoe Wongsam



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Any more questions?  Or would like a chat to see if it is right for you?  Just let me know!




Let’s have fun sorting out your strategy and super-charging your brilliant brand, so you can confidently stand out and shine 🙂 

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Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand website banner build a distinctive and personal brand




Want the free stuff too?!  Sign up to The Brand Builders Hub over in The Picture Your Brand Academy and get my Building Your Brand emails, as well as a whole lot of free lessons and resources on creating and growing your WHOLE amazing stand out brand 🙂   


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Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand website banner build a distinctive and personal brand


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Find out more about me over on the About page of course, and have a look at the Services page to see how you can work with me or learn from me.

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