What is a Personal Brand, and do I really need one?

Do you know what a personal brand actually is?  And why it is so important, do you really need one?  Read on to find out why you need to build one that will work for you and your business…

(Part 1 of two blogs about your personal brand, read part 2 here: 5 Tips to help you build a personal brand).



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So what exactly is a personal brand?

Your brand is what makes your business recognisable and memorable.  It’s what other people say about your business when you’re not there.  Your personal brand works in the same way, it’s what other people say about you when you’re not there, it’s what people think, feel and say about you, not just about your business. 

So it is what you promote about yourself, and market yourself as, as opposed to just marketing your business brand.  The information you put out there about yourself for others to see and read about you will affect what they think, feel and say about you. 



What do I have to do?

You need to make sure that your personal brand makes you different, and stand out from other people, just as your business brand makes your business stand out. Which it will, when it is authentic and really about you. 

You need to be different so that your customers and clients, your audience, remember you.  When we make our business recognisable and memorable, we are building a brand, and so when we make ourselves recognisable and memorable, we are building a personal brand.

You need to make sure that your personal brand reflects you, what you stand for, your personality, your uniqueness, your values, your expertise, your skills and experiences.  (Those will  come into your business brand too, along with your business brand’s visual identity like your logo and brand colours etc). 

But building a personal brand will mean that your audience know your name, and all about you, not just your business name and about your business. 


What will having one do for me?

As solo business owners I think that it is so important to show the face behind the business, to make ourselves visible, to promote ourselves, to show we’re different, to show ourselves as the expert, and to build a connection with our audience. 

Our potential customers and clients can then get to know us, like us and trust us, and want to buy from us – we do business with people we like, who we build a relationship with, and it builds customer loyalty too. 

So as solo business owners, rather than big companies and corporations, we need to keep the person in the brand visible, getting you into your brand and branding, and getting you visible as yourself, by growing a personal brand too. 



Why is it so essential?

It means you can get visible as yourself, not just as your business, and people will know who you are.  You’ll be able to tell your story, connect with and build relationships with your audience.  Which will turn them not just into customers or clients, but loyal fans, and fans that will recommend you to others.

If you have a business with more than one main product or service, and/or more than one ideal client, as most of us will do, then building a personal brand, under your name, is needed to hold it all together.  It then arches over all your different brands, products and services, and brings it all together. 

Putting you at the heart of your business, by putting you into your brand and into a personal brand, will help make your business successful. 

People will remember you, come to you when they need an expert at what they know you do, and refer others to you. 


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So have you started building your personal brand?  Read Part 2 in my next blog for more on how to: 5 Tips to help you build a personal brand

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Jane x 



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What is a Personal Brand?

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