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Helping you build an irresistible, memorable, visible, and more personal brand (your business identity), so that you can confidently get out there to grow your audience, connections and sales. And build a sustainable business that works for you, that is aligned with who you really are. 

Especially supporting fellow quiet, camera-shy and introvert entrepreneurs who are ready to stop hiding and start making an impact.
Being an introvert does not need to hold you back: you too can show up as you, stand out and sell more, with strategies that suit you. No more stress and struggle trying to do it the extrovert way!


Confidently show up, stand out, and share what you do - so you can sell more easily.



Here's how I can support you:

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- Need my personal support, working 1:1, to blitz your brand?  Updated info coming soon.

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- Want a community, mentoring, support and accountability, whilst you DIY your brand and build a visibility strategy using all my trainings?

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- Happy to self study just the bits you need? Pick and mix from all my resources, free and paid...


- Need to update your visuals with some new branding photos?  Or get started with some headshots?  Or learn how to take your own?  Or feel more comfortable about getting in front of a camera and sharing photos of you?

It's time to show up, be the face of your business, and get visible with an irresistible, memorable, and personalised business brand that's truly you. 

Because that's how you'll reach and connect with more of the right people, and convert them into loyal fans and customers. 

That's how you'll build a brand that feels like you, and a business you love, that works for you.

That's how you can confidently be yourself.

Ready?  Join my The Brand Plan membership for tons of training and ongoing support, mindset and mentoring, community and accountability😉
Or you could start with my Thriving Introvert and Brand Building emails, along with my free ebook: The Introvert's Guide To Getting Visible

Hi, I'm Jane.

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I know it's hard to keep going, to be more visible, to show up, when you're at all quiet, shy, unconfident, unsure of what to do next, but most of all as an introvert, and you really don't want to step into the spotlight, and shout about what you do.

I know how you feel, I get you.  I've been there too.  For a long time! 

And I didn't find anyone who seemed to understand how I felt, who would not tell me to go live all the time or dance about on reels etc.  I didn't even realise I was an introvert, and that was why lots of those marketing activities just weren't for me! 

So it took me years not to stress about trying to do all the extrovert marketing the usual business coaches tell you to do, to learn to feel more comfortable showing up as me, to find my own way instead.  

And now I'm sharing all that with you, the lessons and the support that I could have done with.  

I believe in you, and you can do it too.

(Although I'm still working on me, it's always a work in progress!  But teaching you really helps to keep me going and leading the way).

So it's my mission to help you to feel so much more confident, to get over the visibility fears, to not feel alone anymore, to find the right strategies that will work for you, so that you can show up and sell more.

It's my mission to help you feel comfortable with who you are, to not feel you should apologise for being quiet or being an introvert, but to be confidently you, so that you can show up as you, build a more personal brand, and sell more.

It's my mission to help you build a brand and business that is aligned with who you are, that you can grow sustainably, and create the impact and income you want.

It's my mission to help you thrive as an introvert business owner.

...So maybe you are a bit (or a lot) quiet, shy, unconfident, or an introvert.  You might be near the start of your business, or a few years further in.  You might be a product business, service-based, or online. 

But you can still build a more personal brand and get visible (even if it is quietly and gently), and authentically.  You CAN confidently show up as you, connect with your audience, market your business and sell more easily.  You can be brave, you can be you, and it will get easier.

And with all my brand expertise and branding photography experience, alongside determinedly building my business as an introvert too, I am in the right place to help you to do all that :) 

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Discover my introvert-friendly strategies that you can use to get visible and grow your business right now!

Struggling to find ways to get visible to grow your business that don't involve going live every day?!  That you're not terrified of, or overwhelmed or exhausted by, because all the usual advice feels like it’s only designed for confident extroverts – and that's really not you?

I get it.  I'm an introvert business owner too, and I know how hard it is to get out there.  But I've found ways to make it much easier. Sign up now for my FREE guide, The Introvert’s Guide to Getting Visible, and discover my top ten introvert-friendly strategies to help you show up, and find and attract more clients!

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