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Welcome to the page for ALL the things! 

Free and paid, everything I do: brand + visibility + marketing + strategy + support for introverts. 

It's all to inspire, support and empower fellow introvert, quiet and camera-shy business owners to confidently show up, be the face of their business, build a more personal brand, and sell more. 

It's all about being more you, putting more of you into your brand, showing up as you.  Then finding the visibility and marketing strategies that suit you and get them working more effectively, making your business more fun, sustainable and aligned to you (- and taking away the stress & overwhelm of trying to be an extrovert!)

This page shows what is currently available.  Everything is listed in the following categories (in order from free upwards) - click on the images for more info and to sign up for anything:
1) Being more visible & marketing your business; 2) Being the face of your business; 3) Building a more personalised, strategic & effective brand; 4) Designing a more beautiful, personal and cohesive brand and branding; 5) Brand & business strategy.
- Or get it all!: The Brand Plan Membership & work 1:1 with me in The Brand Accelerator 

And 6) Plus for MemberVault users because I love it: scroll down for page design & copy templates, with more support coming soon!]

(Find the products you own already by signing in here and they'll be listed at the top under 'My Products' before 'Available Products')


Jane Mucklow work 1:1 in the Brand Accelerator to sort out your brand, title image

- Go VIP with the 1:1 option and fast-track getting your superstar brand totally nailed, so that it's all working effectively for you to market your business and create the impact and income you want.  Updated info coming soon.

Jane Mucklow - The Brand Plan membership for brand and visibility strategy for introverts, title image

- The Membership: £49 a month for Classic level, or £1000 a year (£87 a month) for Elite level.  Come and join my cosy boutique membership for mentoring from me and support from the lovely community of fellow introvert business owners who know how you feel.  Learn to love and use your introvert strengths and lose the stress and struggle and overwhelm of trying to market your business the extrovert way.  Get access to my membership-exclusive Visibility Roadmap trainings to take you step by step through creating your brand, growing your visibility and marketing with introvert-friendly strategies that will work for you.  With monthly challenges and a whole lot of gentle support and accountability to help you take action and not keep hiding away!

Jane Mucklow - headshots and branding photos Capture Your Brand, title image

- From £149 for a mini headshot session to £947 for a full branding session, and in between - find out more about my branding photography services (I'm based in Sevenoaks, Kent, south east of the UK).

testimonial for Jane Mucklow: as a fellow introvert I find you incredibly inspiring. You do such a great job and come across so kind, knowledgeable and approachable and



Ever feel like you're shouting into a void and no-one is listening? Or fed up with trying to think of something to post? 💥It's time to get much clearer on who your ideal client/customer is!
Effortlessly attract them, engage them, and easily sell to them, when you know the right things about who they are.
➡️Get my updated ultimate guide to nailing your niche and knowing your ideal client now >>>

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Jane Mucklow The Introvert's Guide To Getting Visible title image

Free - My PDF e-book sharing my top ten introvert-friendly secrets and strategies to increase your visibility.

Jane Mucklow Confident Visibility Summit 2024 Waitlist image

The Confident Visibility Summit 2025.  Interested in attending next year's online summit?  Join the wait list here to find out more nearer the time...

Jane Mucklow - Easy Visibility Hacks For Introverts Masterclass title image

£9 - Missed it live? Watch the replay of my 2023 summit masterclass, with lots of tips and hacks to help you get more visible.

Jane Mucklow - Get Brand Visible evergreen posting challenge title image

£37 - Daily social media content prompts and tips for a month, giving you ideas of what to talk about to share more of you and your brand with your audience.

Jane Mucklow Content Calendar 2024 title image

£67 - Grab this Content Calendar of 366 post prompts ready to use to grow your audience, brand and business with!  Plus lots of bonus tips, scroll stopping hooks and more!

Jane Mucklow content course title image

£397 - How to create compelling content that connects with and converts your audience, supercharge your content planning and strategy, and giving you tons of ideas for what to post and create.  Including modules on creating content that is aligned with you and your brand, using your messaging magic and the secrets of storytelling...


Jane Mucklow - Conquer your on-camera confidence course title image

£77 - My Introvert's Guide To Getting In Photos - 7 Mindset Lessons + 7 Take Action Lessons to build your confidence, banish your nerves, and boost your brand!  Feel happier being in front of a camera, feel better about sharing pictures of you, and get confidently out there as the face of your business.  

Now just £97 - Start with selfies!  Tons of tips and all my insider secrets to turn you into a selfie superstar!  Including lighting, angles, editing and much more.  Show up in photos and connect with your audience more easily.

Jane Mucklow From Hiding To Shining live programme title image

My live taught signature course - learn to DIY your own branding photos with on-brand selfies and self portraits.  Signing up for the 2024 round will be here shortly!


Jane Mucklow niche and ideal client workbook title image

£37 - Course, workbook and bonus challenge bundle - how to find and get to know your ideal clients or customers, and work out/refine your niche: you need both together to be able to focus your brand, visibility and marketing, and find it much easier to sell.

Jane Mucklow - brand foundations course From Ordinary To Authentic title image

£347 course - How to take your ordinary bland brand and turn it into a strong strategic brand that is also personal to you.  All the foundations of your brand from your mission, message and vision, to your ideal client, niche, and what you do.  All the steps to create your brand from the beginning, or refresh, strengthen and personalise what you already have, so you can stand out authentically and shine as the star of your brand and business.


Jane Mucklow Find Your Brand Style Quiz title image

Free - Take my free quiz to discover your brand style!  Which season are you?  Find your perfect brand personality and style, and learn how to use it to design your beautiful, meaningful and stand out brand.

£9 - Brand Identity Style Guide template (and how to use it), coming soon...

Jane Mucklow Find Your Brand Vibe, From Brand Confusion To Brand Clarity course title image

£47 course Pre-Sale (> will be £147) - to help you to work out your brand vibe keywords, and show you how to use them effectively.  Taking you from confused brand to brilliant brand, giving you confidence and clarity, and a brand that captivates and converts your audience.  This is my own method for how I teach my photography and my brand clients to build a stand out brand that is also personal and unique to you.

Jane Mucklow From Drab To Fab branding course title image

£247 course Pre-Sale (> will be £397) - The branding course!  Learn about and design your own branding - this course covers your brand style, choosing colours and fonts, logo, graphics and more, and how to make it all much more personalised to you.  With my easy to follow step by step guides, you can do it all yourself even if you don't feel very creative, and still design a professional looking beautiful brand.  Pre-Sale available soon ;)

Jane Mucklow smartphone brand photography course From Basic To Brilliant title image

£397 course - my smartphone photography online course for business owners, covers taking photos, composing, editing photos, photographing products, photographing all the behind the scenes images for your social media, how to get all your photos aligned with your brand, plus how to plan and take a set of brand stock images.

testimonial for Jane Mucklow - I have learnt so much about branding for my business it has been invaluable


Jane Mucklow business strategy annual planning workbook bundle title image

£197 workbook course - This is a whole course to help you thoroughly organise and plan your business and strategy for the year!  A set of five workbooks full of info, to work through and complete in your own time. Review your previous year, write your business vision, set some goals, learn about all the strategy you need to grow your business, and then make the plans to make it happen.  With a bonus sixth workbook to help you stick to those plans!

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Just a reminder now that you've scrolled down past the rest of the courses and resources in The Introvert Brand Academy, that my membership The Brand Plan has it all!  Get everything in the Elite level, or unlock them all the longer you stay a member at the Classic level.  Both levels get immediate access to the membership-exclusive core trainings of 75+ Brand & Visibility Roadmap lessons to take you step by step through creating your brand, growing your visibility and marketing your business with introvert-friendly strategies that will work for you - work through them all in order or pick and mix what you need most.

Brand + visibility + marketing + strategy + selling: introvert friendly strategies and support to help you confidently show up, stand out, sell more, and thrive.  

£49 a month for Classic, or £1000 a year (£87 a month payment plan) for Elite.  Come and join my cosy yet inspiring membership for mentoring from me and support from the lovely community of fellow introvert business owners who know how you feel.  Learn to love and use your introvert strengths and lose the stress, struggle and overwhelm of trying to market your business the extrovert way.  With monthly challenges and a whole lot of gentle support and accountability to help you take action and not keep hiding away!

testimonial for Jane Mucklow - I can't recommend this group enough.  Jane Mucklow is very passionate and she provides so much in this membership. Try it now!


And finally, a little selection for fellow MemberVault users - free and paid page templates to use in MemberVault - Links Page + Sales Page available, more coming soon!  

Jane Mucklow Picture Your Brand - MemberVault sales page templates title image

Free + Paid - page templates to help you make the most of your MemberVault website and easily add more pages.  For beginners, with tips and full instructions, or just to make things easier for you.  No coding required, they just use the MV Page Builder.  Click the image above to see which pages are currently available.


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*Everything Page idea used with permission from Lizzy Goddard.
Check hers out here for fabulous offers for multi-passionate online business owners.
And here's her $9 training to create your own Everything Page (affiliate links).

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